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    MISSION BRIEFING 5/26/2018 9pm CST BACKGROUND INFORMATION Syndikate forces driven from Tanoa have decided to take residence in Isla Duala and have begun a massive piracy operation in the area. Alongside this growing problem a Boko Haram cell is also operating in the area, attacking NATO FOB's, kidnapping locals, extorting business's and general terrorist activity. This has created a refugee problem since people have lost their homes and possesions. IDAP has stepped in to take care of these and setup a camp east of Kinsella in the south. They also have problems with raids. Supplies have been stolen IDAP workers injured and property damaged. However NATO has offered little support so we may be called upon to offer assistance. Finally RACS, the formal Army of Saharani has been conducting massive military drills in the waters to North. Obviously the Dualan government is concerned of an impending attack. The two nations have come to blows over sovereignty of the island many times and RACS has recently received a major budget increase as well as the defacto president of Saharani being ousted in a coup. Due to this NATO sent in a peacekeeping force consisting of Hellenic Mechanized Infantry and UK/US advisory staff to assist in keeping the area stable and deter RACS from launching any sort of offensive on the small island nation. It is by no means a fully fledged fighting force as they are operating under Dualan command. The are operating out of Fort Boko to the East of Bolabongo. Needless to say tensions are running high. Be aware of your surroundings, keep the current status quo, and DO NOT INVOLVE YOURSELF IN ONGOING CONFLICTS. MISSION & EXECUTION Anti Piracy and COIN operations in Isla Duala. Support NATO forces. Time: AS PER Objectives: Establish communications with NATO forces in the area. Gather Intel on pirate and Boko Haram activity. Investigate as necessary. React to reports of pirate activity with all speed. Assist injured civilians as needed. Primary - Drive Boko Haram from the region and crush the pirate activity completely. Assist NATO troops as necessary. Secondary - Gather Intel and interrogate any captured high ranking pirates or Boko Haram members. Tertiary - Render aid to IDAP personnel and refugees as necessary. Rules Of Engagement: RFO (RETURN FIRE ONLY. Threat Level: AMBER (CAUTION). Insertion: As per contract/callout. Respawn: 15 Seconds - No teleport, pick up and drop off by helo. Extraction: As per contract/callout. Uniform: Terrain appropriate/lightweight. Equipment: Requirements: 1x Dedicated transport pilot for re spawns & rapid insertions/extractions. Medics, Engineers are necessary for treating injured and clearing remnant minefields. RISKS - CONCERNS - NOTES Assets: 1x Marshall LAV (SPARTAC), 4x MRAP (SPARTAC), 2x RHIB (NATO LOAN), 1x MK-V SOV (NATO LOAN), 1x MH-6 (SPARTAC), Man portable fire support weapons (Mortars, HMG's etc.) Weather Report: Clear Skies, Visibility - 3km, Tide strength - Moderate. Additional Information: Preemptive strikes are difficult given the nature and speed of the operations required. Interdiction's of vehicles and waterborne craft, interrogations are permitted as per IHL. Role Play Requirements: As needed. Additional Intel: Civilians are present in all major and some smaller towns, PID is essential. We do not want an international incident. We are operating out of an abandoned military FOB SE of Forteza, named FOB Xiphos.
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    Hey everyone, So, I probably should have done this before I became a member and when my application was sitting around waiting, but after interacting with some of you guys, I highly doubt you care when this shows up. Anyways, my name is Nick, and I go by Nick in chat and in game. Simplicity is beautiful. I'm 20 years old, kicking it stateside, and bought ARMA 3 the last Steam sale so I'm really new to ARMA. I look forward to learning more about the ins and outs of the game and many more games with y'all. Something you should be aware of though is that I'm more of a "speak when spoken to" person, so if I don't think you are talking to me, I usually remain silent. With love, Nick
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    Its a possibility that i may be there.
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    MISSION BRIEFING 4/22/2018 8pm CST (WE ARE WHEELS UP @ 8) 22/04/2018 BACKGROUND INFORMATION After repeated operational failures, we've been forced to take up a less than desirable contract. The government of Gunkizli has reputation for being corrupt and the army ineffectual, however, they pay cash in U.S. currency. The region is in the throws of an Islamist lead insurgency, with Boko Haram pledging allegiance to ISIS and the black flag of jihad. We're being brought in to take back the initiative and turn the tide of the conflict. The reputation of ineptitude preceding the Army, it's best to consider ourselves alone out here. That means full self sufficiency and establishing positive relations with the civilians in the area, who have been ill treated by both sides of this conflict. While in country do not go off base unless it is enforce. We are outnumbered and out gunned. Good hunting. SIT REP: After meeting steep enemy assault we are low on supplies, and dwindling numbers. MISSION & EXECUTION Last night our FOB was attacked heavily from the south west by a well armed enemy. The attack started at 0545 local and ended at 1023. Our forces were able to stop the assault, but we lost many supplies and lives during. Our mission is simple, we will take what supplies we have left, and find the origin of the assaulting force. If we have the ability to assault their area we will, If not we will rally at the FOB and make a tactical exfil of the A.O. Time: 07:00 Objectives: Primary - Find the enemy location and assault if possible Secondary - preserve helos in case we need a hasty exfil Tertiary -Capture the commander of the enemy Rules Of Engagement: Team Lead's discretion Threat Level: RED (Caution) Insertion: 1 tank, and 1-4 trucks Respawn: ZEUS DISCRETION Uniform: Terrain appropriate camouflage Equipment: TEAM LEAD'S DISCRETION, Recommend common weapon type for Rifle/GL NOTE: we are low on supplies so only carry a FAL and 5 mags! run medical as normal. Requirements: RTO per squad or fireteam (turnout dictates) . Standard fireteams (Medic/Rifleman, GL, LMG, DMR) NOTE IF (and i mean IF) we get more than 15 on tonight we MAY get a possible CAS support. It will be VERY low budget and only capable of doing 1-2 strikes. x Helicopter x players (PILOT AND GUNNER PLEASE REQUEST THIS SLOT BELOW numbers dictate) USING THE FAL MAKES YOU 100X COOLER THAN OTHER RIFLES ROLES NEEDED: ELEMENT AND FIRETEAM LEADS. 1 tank crew, at least 1 helo pilot RISKS - CONCERNS - NOTES Assets: REDACTED Weather Report: UNKNOWN Additional Information: PLEASE STATE YOUR PREFERRED ROLE BELOW (ELEMENT LEAD AND FIRETEAM LEADERS ESPECIALLY) Role Play Requirements: 0 Additional Intel: N/A
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    I pointed out that we got discombobulated once we got to the overlook. We were taking fire from quite a ways away and it got us mixed up. Also pointed out that tanks, when used right, are awesome; otherwise they are metal coffins. I think most people get a false sense of security in them (myself included). Infantry support would have been good, I agree. The tight quarters in the radio tower was death for us. Too small for the two tanks to provide close support. A better turnout allowing us two tanks with ground support would have been sick. As for the ammo... Arma gonna Arma. Shout out to Gidget for trying to sort that for us.

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