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    Would like to be an ADVON/ Recon. If I could scout out 30 min prior to the others getting on ground that'd be awesome.
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    I'll roleplay for this one. Should be interesting.
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    Just saw it today. Was disappointed only in that I thought it would have been mind blowingly epic. Instead it was just really good... so not a bad movie at all. Chris Nolan does his shtick and made it more complicated than necessary (don't want to give much away and ruin the experience) but in retrospect my wife and I both thought that it did have some purpose even if there may have been clearer ways to tell the story. Not much in terms of explanation of the size and scope of the event other than the number of Brits trapped on the beach. Therefore if you want to learn more than the basics you will need to look elsewhere. Action was good. Was not gore filled like Private Ryan was, But was not Micheal Bay over the top like Pear Harbor was. The emotional side was really surprising. There isn't a ton of dialog but there are several events that are moving other than the general concept of the civilians saving the British army. All in all... Glad I saw it. It was a good movie even if it wasn't quite what I was expecting.
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    Respawn will be by teleport. Too far to fly. Thanks for bringing it up.
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    Because, as history tells us... every third Brit in the war was a transgendered, multisexual, non-conforming non-racial, humxn. I mean... it is known!
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    Some sexy Spartac promo pictures? I just took these for a new wallpaper.
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    I think she is beautiful, but I'm sure is my dad blinders. She probably looks like an alien at the moment lol.
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    Lord Farsight bestows his blessing upon this tiny human. Also congrats man, it's rewarding and disgusting at the same time lol.

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