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    OPORD/042000L JUN 18// FM SPARTAC COMMAND// TO ALL SPARTAC PERSONNEL// BT UNCLAS// SUBJ/OPERATION ORDER FOR ISLA DUALA ALIVE// I. Situation A. Enemy Forces Afrene and Molatia have been in turmoil since the early 1990’s thanks to the rampant militia known as the Afrene Molatian Liberation Front (AMLF). The AMLF has caused widespread panic in the past, destroying settlements, torturing civilians, and kidnapping young boys to enlist them in their cause. They have all but completely overthrown the government. The AMLF has access to an arsenal including AK variants, M16s, Gun Trucks, APCs, and Tanks. Their tactics also include placing Improvised Explosive Devices along roads and walkways in and out of city borders. B. Friendly Forces SPARTAC Private Military Company, LLC II. Mission Remove the AMLF and help restore the government to its former power. Restore the hearts and minds of the citizens of Afrene and Molatia. III. Execution Upon receiving the "green light" from SPARTAC Command, SPARTAC PMC will become operational and be forward deployed to the Afrene/Molatia region in support of the Afrene/Molatian Government. Once boots on ground, we are to take command of a deserted airfield and set up for operations. IV. Administration/Logistics From the start of deployment, SPARTAC PMC will have access to various small arms weapons. Additionally, we have been given, on loan, the following: Humvee (M2 Variant) x4 Humvee (Mk19 Variant) x4 Medium Tactical Vehicle (M2 Variant, Covered) x4 V. Command/Signal A. Signal Zeus: Frequency (121) Ares (Team 1): Frequency (121.1) Poseidon (Team 2): Frequency (121.2) Achilles (Team 3 (Support)): Frequency (121.3) 5. Hades (CASEVAC/CAS): Frequency (33 LR) END MESSAGE// ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Concept of ALIVE: EVERYTHING is persistent and controlled by the server! If vehicles are left out in the field and not returned, they will stay there until they are returned/retrieved. If you roll over an IED, that vehicle is lost until a resupply can be made, a repair vehicle can be driven out to it, or it can be towed back to base. Run out of ammo in a vehicle, you will need to return to base or have the rearm truck drive to your location. Day and night cycles are persistent meaning that the server controls the day/night cycle even when none one is on the server. As we progress through the "missions", we will gain more ground and access to better weaponry i.e., fixed wing aircraft and reduce the enemy's footprint. Rules: - No Lonewolfing…PERIOD! - TFAR will be utilized for comms EVERYTIME! - If you use ANY vehicle, bring it back to base! Zeusing (Game Master): Zeusing will more or less be mainly used to making objectives during Community Operations but can be utilized at any time. The plan here is to have ALIVE running throughout the week and possibly using ALIVE as the Community Op with Zeus'ed objectives.I'm asking that Zeus Game Master access only be limited to instances where SPARTAC personnel get "arma'ed". Teleporting, however, is allowed but only limited to personnel who die in combat and not vehicles.

Spartan Tactical Group

The Spartan Tactical Group was organized in early 2016 to create a community for like-minded gamers. With a focus on teamwork, tactics and communication the group provides an experience lacking from many modern military shooters of today. Understanding the importance of brotherhood before victory, Spartan Tactical strives for a relaxed and light-hearted approach to not only the game, but our community as well. Hailing from all different backgrounds and walks of life, our membership is valued and our friends respected.

No matter the challenge, Spartans stand ready to answer the call.

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