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    I think she is beautiful, but I'm sure is my dad blinders. She probably looks like an alien at the moment lol.
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    Going to bed will never be the same once Trauma has put you to bed with his magic touch. Such soothing memories! Only elite warriors in Spartac get this type of treatment. When it happens you will know it
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    Hey Guys! Its Beardy!, so basically i will be writing up a script for a Youtube web series called "72 Hours - secret soldiers of cherneraus" based on the amazing movie "13 hours" it will be full length web series with around 162 minutes of recording to be done and i am looking for some willing volunteers who would be okay with setting time aside each week for around 3 hours to record footage with me! im hoping to debut this series in the coming new year and it will be eipsodic each week. its about a special forces unit being dropped into the city of cherneraus by air to find and extract the vice president of russia safely from the crippling government that are holding him for ransom, and take controll of the russian embassy. (Will be needing someone who can do a convincing - yet funny russian accent) a couple of mods that i have will be needed for this. if you are interested. feel free to contact me! i promise this wont interfere with weekend ops as i do no want to drag the fun away from spartac. im proud to be a member of this group and look forward to having continuous fun with you all
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    This is why you do not piss off a wannabe Captain Price with the face only a mother could love
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    SITREP 16/3/2018 New changes are coming in the next few weeks. Some of them are experimental, others will be permanent. These changes we hope will bring more organisation to our operations. There will be some growing pains but they will be negligible at best. First off we will be adopting a 4 man team approach to operations. Team leaders will be predetermined in the mission briefings. This means that we either predefine who you are with, or you choose. This is experimental in the organisation stages but will become permanent eventually. Secondly Community Operations will be held EVERY WEDNESDAY. Hauer will be creating templates for these so if you have any ideas forward them to him. These will vary from PVE to PVP and everything in between. We hope these will become a great addition to our already excellent operations. Orientation has been a mainstay of SPARTAC since the beginning but it has dropped off the radar in recent weeks. It is a non compulsory introduction to the mods, how to get setup, how we "operate" and various other things. Everything is explained by people who are experienced enough to know it all offhand so the advice you're getting is sound. These are making a regular return to our rotation hopefully every 3-4 weeks. Recruiting will be ramped up in an effort to expand our roster with even more excellent and admirable people such as yourselves. If you want to help, please do, but remember to follow the rules of wherever you post, whether it be Reddit, steam, some other place. When you post for us you represent us, make it a good impression. Being more organised is something we've been trying to do for a while and now we are actively making more of an effort to do so. This means that briefings should be up way in advance of an operation so you can pick which team you want to be in. Steam events for the steam group (http://steamcommunity.com/groups/spartacgroup) will be consistently going up so you can see what is happening and when so you never miss a thing, as well as some behind the scenes boring stuff I don't do ;). The next few weeks will a little trying but all we ask for (again) is your patience with us. PSA :- If you don't read this, it's your own fault for not spending 5 minutes to move your eyeballs. Stop being lazy and read ;).
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    Code of Conduct We here at Spartan Tactical have a relaxed approach to how we conduct ourselves during operations etc. This does not mean that anything goes. There are a few simple "rules" that we hope everyone can agree on and keep up with. Expectations. Use your common sense, if it feels wrong, then you probably shouldn't do it, and if you're not sure, ask. Treat everyone like you want to be treated yourself. Respect all members and guests regardless of rank, age, gender, nationality etc. Approach operations and orientation with a more serious mindset, this doesn't mean you can't make jokes etc, it does mean don't be an obnoxious ass. Respect the orders from team leaders and command. Attendance We understand that real life comes first, we will never put anyone into the position of choosing between real life success and the group - as long as you are committed and able to COMMUNICATE YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES. We have DISCORD and this website that you can also participate in with discussions, helpful posts etc for when you are away from the game. Roleplay Freedom exists with load outs, however the team leaders will recommend load outs as well as determine kit types for operations and training. Discipline If you are in violation of the Code Of Conduct you will be warned verbally by a command member. This may be over on discord or on TS. Essentially it means that an admin talks to you and tells you "hey don't do that" etc. Depending on the violation, you may be given an written warning by an admin or in the case of a member falling out of communication for more than four weeks. This is essentially us asking if you are still interested in being a part of this unit. Serious violations of the CoCs, such as continuous breaching of an issue previously raised, then you will be benched. Meaning taken off the active roster of members but not fully removed from the group. If you still do not make any contact or make an effort to address the issue at hand then you will be taken from a benched state to full removal from the group which as discussed at the beginning will include removal from TS, and DISCORD. SIMPLE. CLEAN. NO BS.
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    Still more competent than most of you bastards. @LRRRtheDestroyer @FramesNotFound @Farsight @VikingAus
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    greetings guys, had to catch up bills with first check, might have a laptop coming soon we will see if the internet can handle some shenanigans
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    Having my birthday party then so i wont make it sadly. Attached is my new baby girl for you guys who haven't seen her
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    and he was never heard from again
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    Life's good gents, getting in shape and making dollar dollar bills, still up in the air with Amazon however it turns out an old army buddy of mine works at the data center I'm trying to get hired at. So yay. More snapshots of the easy life. Also, 'memba Dakota? I 'memba
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    Personnel - Deals with any issues that may affect members or disruptions within the member base. Quartermaster - Defines what should and shouldn't be necessary for operations as well as answering any questions regarding equipment. Liaison - First port of call for members with any questions that may be for command. I hope that answers your question @Colt1689
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    With anything I put up on a Saturday, please forgive typos and grammatical errors. I can't sleep in on the weekends for the life of me. An escaped themed mission. Setup; whoever funds SparTac to be on Altis us left us in the wind with the latest CSAT offensive. They have effectively won the island. We'd be set up up like we've lost our base and are on the run. Multistage mission that would require us to disable/sabotage certain key pieces of the CSAT operation before we can safely escape the island of Altis. 1) Raid a supply point. It would be stocked with all the various explosives and rocket systems. I'd like to see this placed near the swamp in the NE part of the map. Reason being, I want to do an amphibious insert foreshadowing the environments of Tanoa. If anyone is aware of another place on map where we can use water to move /or stage inland further that opens our options. This one could be on a timer once the first shot is fired. CSAT QRF or paratroopers. Nothing that's going to waste everyone instantly. This op should be high speed due to our poor tactical situation. I'd be open to starting the mission inland and using the boats to get out to the coast. Amphibious insert and exfil would be more inline with keeping them off our trail. Maybe set the supply cache near enough we can load the boats with extra stuff. We leave most of our gear in packs on the boats and have empty carryall's on to load up. There's a good case for combining it with step 2 and lowering the intended pacing to match. Either way, going in we should be set up like we had to bug out or die in a hurry. This is a supply raid and some sense of urgency can be fun. 2 ) Gaining trucks. a few armed and a few not. This could be another raid or a just some Spartac trucks hidden in a warehouse. Nothing too slow. If combined with step 1, we could be hitting a patrol that got to our hidden supply cache ahead of us. 3 ) Assault an airfield. Maybe the one in the SE portion of the map. Easily approachable from cover. Retaking home would be fun, but there'd be alot more work for whoever is to set's this up. The main CSAT CAS elements are grounded for a some reason. In step 1 we could include detonating whatever comms they had or grounding the air was the only safe option a pending storm. IDGAF, whatever gets everyone doing commando stuff with me! Here we'd be planting demo on the grounded CAS to allow our escape from the island. Another team secures a chopper or several. Possibly an attack helicopter. In step 4 we should get to be the ones with tactical superiority. Step 3 could also involve detonating the set of barracks on that airfield housing pilots and officers. I don't know how everyone would feel about ruthless stuff like that. To me it's a Dirty Dozen reference to a way. Inflicting CSAT irrecoverable losses to the enemy command structure is good for you! Good for me!. But if it leaves a bad taste we can toss that idea. Step 4) Schwarzenegger is being held in the hospital on the W side of the map. Or anywhere you want really. I'd like to use Taru or 2 Little Birds in close formation to do something really dangerous at this point: landing in an unsecured area and dismounting part of the team, with a few staying on to provide aerial support. But I dig cowboy shit like that. Talking me down from this part is an option as well. Either way the general idea is rescuing Arnie before we leave and maybe being able to throw a big middle finger to CSAT on the way out. VIP could be player controlled, so we don't have any issues loading on. Get to do the whole "give me a sidearm" like a badass during exfil. Finally flying to a remote location where we have hidden our last ride out. Whatever is capable of the furthest range air transport wise. Everyone boards and we fly off in to the sunset. Like a snail crawling along the edge of a straight razor. This is my dream, my nightmare. I don't know anything about Zeus or the editor. As an actual campaign it would be cool, but from my understanding that's a lot more work. I'd be totally happy with using the Annex server as is and avoiding the areas of the map that don't conform to the story If possible disabling the A.O. mission, especially the dreaded Artillery Side Mission. Then Zeus can just drop in the elements on the fly. Or just playing a mission that only loosely resembles what I've written here. Thank you for your time
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    MISSION BRIEFING 7PM (PST) SATURDAY, JUNE 18TH, 2016 (typical op night and time) BACKGROUND INFORMATION The island nation of United Sahrani located in the Mozambique channel has been at a very unstable peace since UN led intervention in early 1997 stopped the genocide of Southern Sahrani by Northern Sahrani invaders led by president and warlord Joseph Karoma. In late 1998 President Karoma was captured, forced to surrender and sign peace accords, officially dissolving North and South Sahrani into United Sahrani with democratically elected President Adisa Simba at its helm. UN / USPA forces have since kept a presence in the country to help maintain peace and train the United Sahrani Peoples Army. Since 2001 Joseph's oldest son Abdul Karoma has been gathering rebels loyal to the Karomas call for a "pure bloodline" and "A Sahrani without fascist invaders", engaging in criminal activity and causing civil unrest. In 2013 Karoma formed The Northern Sahrani Liberation Army (NSLA) which is believed to amassed about 10,500 members complete with fairly modern weaponry and has ran a fairly successful guerrilla war against UN and United Sahrani Forces for the last 3 years. On the morning of May 14th, the NSLA attacked a press conference in the capital of Corazol, and succeeded assassinating President Simba, sparking the beginning of the United Sahrani Civil war SITUATION Earlier this afternoon NSLA troops attacked local news station NSTV located NE of the enemy occupied city of Bagango in retaliation for the station covering the UN giving aid to the people of Sahrani. While a majority of the stations employees were able to escape, many were injured, killed and several were captured. For the last six hours the NSLA has been using the station to broadcast propaganda for their cause and have pledged to live broadcast the beheading of news anchor Mitchell Snowe and journalist Ryan Walsh tomorrow at noon, both employees were directly involved in last weeks UN aid broadcast and both are American citizens here for AAN's coverage of the story. MISSION & EXECUTION Time: 0001hrs Task: SPARTAC elements will insert near the city of Bagango and proceed on foot to the NSTV station to conduct sweep and clear operations of the compound of any hostiles and free any employees on site, then extract Mitchell Snowe and Ryan Walsh. Insertion: Ghosthawk or Chinook Extraction: Main element via insert helo / Escort and VIPs via MD500 news helicopter located on the roof of the station. Recommended Equipment: NVG's, IR strobes. RISKS - CONCERNS - NOTES Expected enemy strength: MEDIUM Several employees report only seeing about 20 enemy combatants and a single armed technical, Most of the NSLA forces arrived in civilian vehicles and made it past the main gate security with proper ID or visitor passes Civilian / friendly force considerations: HIGH Currently 12 employees of NSTV are unaccounted for. Anti-air concerns: MEDIUM The nearby town of Bagango has been enemy occupied since the start of the war, there is no solid intel on the AA capability of its forces approach with caution. Support: Several civilian rigs are still located at the station along with the NSTV sky news helicopter. Weather Report: Overcast breezy night, low of 68*. Additional Info: A UNSOG drone was able to determine that all the ground floor entrances have been boarded over, there is a roof access on the east side and a entrance via the broadcasting tower catwalk. According to a interview from a maintenance employee, the perimeter fence has several holes on the east side due to a drunken employee leaving a company party earlier this year and one low hole on the west side "a man could probably crawl through." The NSTV MD500 News helicopter seats a pilot, co-pilot and two passengers. Satellite and map photos (courtesy google earth): Mitchell Snowe broadcasting a story about the United Sahrani conflict (courtesy NSTV) Ryan Walsh on assignment last week interviewing the UN and USPA officers (courtesy NSTV): UNSOG (United Nations Special Operations Group) intel photos:
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    Welcome stranger! I am very happy to see that you have made it this far. You've taken the time to not only visit our site, but read this post and learn more about us and for that I am appreciative. My name is @Dakota, the founder of this group I call SPARTAC. This informational post has been written in an effort to provide you as well as other potential applicants and curious readers such as yourself a more thorough understanding of what Spartan Tactical is intended to be and the experience we hope to provide those who wish to join our community. First, perhaps it is best to start with what SPARTAC is not as to avoid wasting any of your time. SPARTAC is not a milsim group. We do not operate with true-to-life ranks, policies, procedures, protocols, responsibilities, etc. We do not enforce mandatory attendance or have mandatory gaming nights. We do not specify what role you must play or what loadout you must carry while playing it. We do not force you to wear certain pants with a certain vest. We do not expect you to blindly obey the leadership as if we are Gods nor do we expect you call us Sir. We do not require you to be put through training or jump through hoops to join us. Spartan Tactical Group (SPARTAC) was founded as a PC/ARMA based spin-off of a console-based clan, of which I have been a member for over a decade. SPARTAC intends to channel the vision and purpose of that clan in our growth, which includes making it our mission to provide a laid-back, casual, relaxed experience for all with an emphasis on finding good people to play games with first and foremost. Everything else comes after. The requirements for joining are simple, we do not ask much of you and we expect very little in return. SPARTAC aims to become more than a simple group, we hope to build not only a team, but a community of gamers who can call each other friends. We hope that together, with your help, we can achieve that goal. SPARTAC has been based on a private military company, first and foremost, because it provides an interesting dynamic with which we can operate and allows flexibility in the brand we employ. It is important to be clear that the PMC aspect of SPARTAC is solely for appearances and fun and that being a member of this "PMC" group does not mean you will not see us playing beyond our scope when we choose to do so. I.E. utilizing advanced air/ armor assets in game and so on. For the sake of "the story," being based on a PMC allows us that room to flex and bend rules to fit our informal, laid back style in addition to allowing us the diversity of our membership that we encourage amongst the group. Otherwise we will play the game as it is intended to be played. That being said, we do intend to ham it up a bit with custom built missions geared towards the PMC role and will structure our community with some fun references to being a PMC where can. While SPARTAC is very laid-back and casual, we do enjoy getting tactical as well. Tactical can be defined as "of, relating to, or constituting actions carefully planned to gain a specific military end." For us this means three things; we communicate, we work together and we play the objective. Simple as that. We are happy to provide ancillary experiences to enhance this including, but not limited to, a brief orientation, simulated training, recommended responsibilities of designated roles, suggested uniform and equipment loadouts per mission and so on. But at the end of the day, our one and only true purpose is to ensure we are all having a good time while doing it. I chose the name Spartan Tactical Group with a few different inspirations/influences in mind. The structure of the name, Spartan Tactical Group, was directly influenced by other actual PMCs in operation including the RSB Group and Control Risks Group. The "Tactical" quite obviously is in place to emphasize that while we are all about the relaxed requirements and play styles, we also do enjoy employing tactics in our games too from time to time. And finally, the most obvious reference: Spartan. The city-state of Sparta and her warriors need little introduction, nor explanation, however if you are interested you can read more here. And that, in a nutshell, summarizes the mission and intent of Spartan Tactical. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We hope you'll consider joining our team and as we grow, we hope you'll be proud to be called a Spartan and come to think of your fellow Spartans as a second family. - Dakota SPARTAC Founder
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    Hey everyone we haven't had a Orientation in a long time and i have been put in charge of setting these up by farsight. So we are gonna be having an orientation on both March 8th and 22nd. I dont know all the timezones all I know is that it will be starting at 8/9c (same as Saturday OPs) We will be going things for about an hour. We will be going over Breaching a Building,bounding, maybe formations,and more. Please show up if you can.
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    Some of you have asked about the numerous types of ammo available with SMA/RHS/ACE. I haven't taken the time as of yet to write this up, only because I haven't tested to see if any of this actually matters, however after some time in the virtual arsenal, there are some mild differences and effectiveness. See below: For the TL:DR Crowd, my choices are highlighted Cartridge, Caliber 5.56 mm, Blank, M200 [Crimped tip with Violet lacquer seal]: 5.56×45mm training blank cartridge. Should be pretty self explanatory. I don't know why this is included in RHS, but here we are Cartridge, Caliber 5.56 mm, Ball, M855 [Green tip]: 5.56×45mm 62-grain FN SS109-equivalent ball cartridge with a steel penetrator tip over a lead core in a full copper jacket. Used 1982 - Present. This round sucks because it maintains velocity after hitting soft targets, and pretty much sucks against modern ceramic armor so I skip it. Designed for 14.5" - 20" barrels Cartridge, Caliber 5.56 mm, Ball, M855A1 Enhanced Performance Round [unpainted steel penetrator tip] (2010–Present): 62-grain bullet w/ a 19-grain steel penetrator tip over a copper alloy core in a partial copper jacket. Lead Free Obama rounds. This round is the 'standard' when you pull a 5.56 SMA gun. This round also sucks against unarmored targets. It's okay against targets wearing armor. Designed for 14.5" - 20" barrels Cartridge, Caliber 5.56 mm, Tracer, M856 [Orange tip]: 5.56×45mm 63.7-grain FN L110 tracer cartridge. Provides red visible light and lacks a steel penetrator. Tracer 1982 - Present Designed for 14.5" - 20" barrels Cartridge, Caliber 5.56 mm, Tracer, M856A1 [Red tip]: 5.56×45mm 56-grain Lead Free slug (LF) Tracer with similar ballistic performance to the M855A1 and improved trace to range consistency. Lead Free Obama Tracer to match the M855A1 Designed for 14.5" - 20" barrels Cartridge, Caliber 5.56 mm, Armor Piercing, M995 [Black tip]: 5.56×45mm 52-grain AP cartridge with a tungsten core. Its Armor Piercing Designed for 14.5" - 20" barrels Cartridge, Caliber 5.56 mm, Tracer, XM996 [Crimson tip]: So-called "Dim Tracer" with reduced effect primarily for use with night vision devices. These are available in game as 'Tracer, IR'. It's a tracer you can only see with NODS Designed for 14.5" - 20" barrels Cartridge, Caliber 5.56 mm, Special Ball, Long Range, Mk 262 Mod 0/1: 5.56×45mm 77-grain Open-Tipped Match/Hollow-Point Boat-Tail cartridge. Mod 0 features Sierra Matchking bullet, while Mod 1 features either Nosler or Sierra bullet. Now we are getting somewhere. This round rocks in long and short barreled 5.56 guns. This is usually my go to Round. Designed for 18"-20" barrels, but the extra velocity and bullet weight make it perfect for up close in 10.5" guns. Okay against armor Cartridge, Caliber 5.56 mm Ball, Enhanced 5.56 mm Carbine, MK318 MOD 0: 5.56×45mm 62-grain Open-Tipped Match Boat-Tail cartridge. Designated as Caliber 5.56 mm Ball, Carbine, Barrier. Also Called "SOST" and is available as an IR Tracer VERY NIIICE This is my second choice. Barrier Blind round good for soft cover penetration. Good performance against armor and unarmored. designed for 10.5" - 14.5" guns Cartridge, Caliber 7.62mm, NATO, Ball, M80 (United States): 147-grain (9.5 g) 7.62×51mm NATO ball cartridge. Standard 7.62 NATO Ammo. Fairly good all around Cartridge, Caliber 7.62mm, NATO, Ball, Enhanced Projectile Round, M80A1 (United States): 130-grain (8.4 g)[17] M80 Lead Free (LF) 7.62×51mm NATO ball cartridge.[18] 114.5-grain (7.4 g) of lead eliminated per M80A1 projectile. Shitty Obama round, SMA standard Cartridge, Caliber 7.62mm, NATO, Ball, Special, M118LR (United States): 175-grain (11.3 g) 7.62×51mm NATO Match-grade round specifically designed for long-range sniping. It uses a 175-grain (11.3 g) Sierra Match King Hollow Point Boat Tail bullet. Great round. Heavy hitter, great for long range, gobs of power out of Short barreled guns too, at close engagement ranges Cartridge, Caliber 7.62mm, NATO, Armor Piercing, M993 (United States): 126.6 grains (8.2 g) 7.62×51mm NATO armor-piercing round, black cartridge tip. Armor Piercing Cartridge, Caliber 7.62mm Special Ball, Long Range, MK 316 MOD 0 (United States): A 175-grain (11.3 g) round specifically designed for long-range sniping consisting of Sierra MatchKing Hollow Point Boat Tail projectiles, Federal Cartridge Company match cartridge cases and Gold Medal Match primers. The Propellant has been verified as IMR 4064 (per NSN 1305-01-567-6944 and Federal Cartridge Company Contract/Order Number N0016408DJN28 and has a charge weight per the specs of 41.745-grain (2.7 g) Modern M118LR. Great all around choice Cartridge, Caliber 7.62mm, NATO, Ball, Barrier, T762TNB1 MK319 MOD 0 (United States): 7.62×51mm NATO Enhance Behind barrier performance Enhance Function & casualty and muzzle flash requirements in short barrel carbines, 130 grains (8.4 g). 7.62mm Barrel Blind ammo, for soft cover penetration. Another good choice Let me know if there are any questions
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    SPARTAN TACTICAL STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES Spartac is a PMC first and foremost, this means we aren't regimental when it comes to formalities and such. However we believe that certain actions should still be done in a structured fashion. Inside you will find information regarding communications, convoy movements, reacting to contact and others. The bread and butter of any armed force is its ability to communicate quickly and effectively, therefore we have drafted a way that is efficient down to the team level. Below is a brief rundown on the various radios, as well as the structure of how communications breakdown overall during operations. 121.1-9 is team freq RT-7800S 121 TL chat AN/PRC 152 33 LR command/ CAS if there isn't a lot of assets RT1523G 34 LR asset (applicable if there is a need to quiet chatter on 33) RT1523G RADIO ETIQUETTE To start, Comms need to be brief and clear. This is done by having pre-assigned call-signs. With call-signs we are able to know who you are, and who you are trying to talk to. This paints a clear picture of the battlefield for the operators. Following is how a clear and concise conversation should sound. ____________________(Who you are trying to call by call-sign) This is _____________________(Who you are by call-sign) The person being contacted will reply with __________________(your call-sign) This is _____________________________(Who you called) Send your message You will then say your message IE "there are friendlies to your south please acknowledge" They will reply making sure they got the info correct.(NOTE: if the message isn't as important there is no need to tie up comms by having the receiver of the message confirm the message. NOTE: if you do not get a reply immediately hold comms for 10-15 seconds to make sure the person you are trying to reach isn't talking to their team, RTO, aircraft, or command. Sometimes there is more to the battlefield that you will not see/ hear. Lastly brevity, and succinct, communications is the key. If you say something too fast the other parties will not understand the full message. if you take too long you are clogging up the channel when there may be more pertinent info to be relayed. A hasty and clear message will be the key to a successful mission. TERMS AND PHRASES Wilco= will comply Bird= aircraft Dustoff= medical evac IDF= indirect fire Runner= enemy combatant breaking contact Send again= your last message was not understood please say it again Repeat send= used to tell artillery that they need to send their last fire mission again. (this is why Gidget cringes every time you say it) Send it= artillery is allowed to send their fire mission (see repeat annotation) Relay to= ________ is out of com range for me but not for you so please relay this message to them 0 ZE RO 1 WUN 2 TOO 3 TREE 4 FOW ER 5 FIFE 6 SIX 7 SEV EN 8 AIT 9 NIN ER A ALFA AL FAH B BRAVO BRAH VOH C CHARLIE CHAR LEE (or) SHAR LEE D DELTA DELL TAH E ECHO ECK OH F FOXTROT FOKS TROT G GOLF GOLF H HOTEL HOH TELL I INDIA IN DEE AH J JULIETT JEW LEE ETT K KILO KEY LOW L LIMA LEE MAH M MIKE MIKE N NOVEMBER NO VEM BER O OSCAR OSS CAH P PAPA PAH PAH Q QUEBEC KEH BECK R ROMEO ROW ME OH S SIERRA SEE AIR RAH T TANGO TANG GO U UNIFORM YOU NEE FORM (or) OO NEE FORM V VICTOR VIK TAH W WHISKEY WISS KEY X XRAY ECKS RAY Y YANKEE YANG KEY Z ZULU ZOO LOO CAS AND SUPPORT CALLING ____________ this is _____________ requesting CAS mission. (Wait for reply) fly in from (cardinal direction) Target and flight path marked on map Target marked by laser Requesting _______(type of munition) ____________ this is _____________ requesting ARTY mission (wait for reply) Target grid reference xxx-xxx Keypad number 1-9 Number & type of rounds Confirm MOVEMENT AND ENGAGING Engaging the enemy and moving in a manner which provides cover for yourself and teammates whilst also setting up for better AOAs (Angles of attack) should become second nature. It all starts with some basic understanding and knowledge to expedite this process along, however as with any engagement this should be used as a reference, the actual situation will be more dynamic. First and foremost is the ability to identify COVER and CONCEALMENT. These are broken down simply, CONCEALMENT hides you from the enemy but provides little to no protection IE hiding behind a bush will make you harder to see but just as easy to shoot at. COVER will hide you from the enemy and provide substantial protection from small arms fire and fragmentation IE a HESCO barrier will prevent the enemy seeing you and rounds cannot pass through it. Always try to move for cover first, large trees, concrete barriers etc, if none is available move from bush to bush quickly and remember. I'm up he see's me, I'm down he doesn't. Moving as a team will mean the difference between success and failure, a well organised team will stand a much better chance at overcoming most obstacles than a team with no cohesion. It is therefore necessary to understand some basic formations. These will allow you to be better positioned to fight a closing force, defend a location more efficiently and so on. LINE Strong point: Full firepower forwards, great for minimizing friendly fire when engaging front. Can easily switch to engage targets to the rear.Weak point: Sides are exposed, only one soldier will be able to engage contacts directly on the sides, meaning the rest of the formation needs to relocate to engage. Rear is exposed, so periodically it should be checked. COLUMN Strong point: Ease of control and speed. This is the easiest formation to follow for movement. Weak point: Extremely vulnerable to attack from the front, only the pointman can immediately engage targets to the front. Most people need to relocate to engage, providing the enemy opportunity to do catastrophic damage. (STAGGERED COLUMN IS BASICALLY THE SAME HOWEVER IT SPREADS THE FORCE IN TWO ACROSS ROADS TO DIMINISH IED DAMAGE) WEDGE The wedge formation is the most sound option for protecting both the front and side flanks. The team can form quickly move into firing lines with with only half the unit needing to relocate if it is attacked on a flank. This should be the default formation for moving into unknown territory. If attacked from the sides now, at least half the group can immediately engage. Proper space is vital in all formations and in element positioning in general. It should be large enough so that the entire unit doesn’t get blown up from a single explosion and minimises the number of people that will get pinned. Ability to provide mutual support between elements. Survivability of elements. REACT TO CONTACT Call out contact immediately. Find and obtain the nearest fighting position. This should ideally be a position in cover. A position in concealment is better than nothing, but but makes finding cover the next priority. When caught out in the open, go prone immediately. Return fire immediately. Even if enemy individuals cannot be distinguished, fire in the general direction contact came from. Keep an eye out for positions that are likely to have enemies. Gaining fire superiority at the start of contact is a crucial advantage. These first 3 steps are crucial and should be repeated throughout contact. See Basic Drill. Listen for orders. The TL will rapidly start issuing orders in order to develop the situation. Those next in command should be prepared to take command in case of casualty. Maintain contact with battle buddies. Check if they are still alive and have immediate needs (smoke, cover, medical attention, etc). Observe the firefight as it develops. Both friendly and enemy elements will be manoeuvring during contact. Just because there is contact in a direction does not mean yet-undiscovered enemies are coming from a different direction. Keep the TL up to date on known enemy positions. Take initiative. This becomes easier with experience in Arma. Fireteams have the front seat in a fight and have the best awareness of the fight. Try to react to sudden opportunities or dangers. This includes spotting better cover, high value enemy targets, flanking avenues, etc. BREAK CONTACT Sometimes the need arises to tactically advance in the opposite direction. In order to not turn this into an organized rout, it is vital to maintain cohesion, and maintain volume of fire on the enemy. There are two good ways to break contact: BOUNDING The leader announces his intent to fall back to a position using bounding. One of more elements are designated as base of fire. The base of fire element goes firm and starts suppressing the enemy. Smoke can also be used to force certain enemies out of the fight. The bounding element moves to the rear of the element. Use cover, concealment, terrain, or smoke. They occupy a spot where they will be able to act as base of fire support for the other element. They let the base of fire element know they have gone firm. Upon hearing this, the base of fire element and bounding element switch roles. Repeat step 2-5 as necessary. Note on bounds There are two types of bounding, successive and alternating. Successive bounding is when one element takes the lead with the other element bounding up to them. Alternating bounding is where the elements bound past each other. It’s up to the bounding element lead to decide where to stop. He should keep in mind the nature of mutual support. PEELING The leader announces his intent to fall back towards a position by peeling. While all other element members keep up to fight with the enemy, the point man moves to the rear of the element, in the peeling direction. Always move behind the firing line, never in front of it. Move safely: Use cover, concealment or terrain. Avoid using smoke since it will not allow other element members to keep firing effectively. Some time after the point man has passed the second man in the element, he too moves to the rear of the element, in the peeling direction. This is repeated for every element member. The last element member to move before the original point man is on point again will announce he is ‘last man’. It’s his task to ensure no element members are still forward of the element. Repeat step 2-4 as necessary. VEHICLES & CONVOYS The main thing one must remember when taking a vehicle role is that you ultimately are there to support the infantry. It is not your job to run around pell-mell trying to rack up an impressive kill count; instead, you should do everything you can to work with friendly forces so that you can best support the infantry. DISMOUNTING When dismounting, infantry elements should provide 360° security as a standard. They should also try to get at least fifteen meters of clearance from the vehicle to help protect against primary or secondary explosions in the event that it is engaged. SITUATIONAL AWARENESS Everyone in a vehicle must scan their sectors to maintain situational awareness at all times. Vigilance will help to spot enemy ambushers and spoil their element of surprise. The sector a person scans will depend upon where they are placed in the vehicle. For an MRAP, basic sectors are depicted below. 360° coverage is the ultimate goal. HERRINGBONE The herringbone is used to disperse the platoon when travelling in the column formation. It maybe used during air attacks or when you must stop during movement. It lets the convoy move to covered and concealed positions off a road or from an open area and establishes all-round security without detailed instructions being issued. The vehicles are re-positioned as necessary to take advantage of the best cover, concealment, and fields of fire. Crew members dismount and establish security. COIL The coil is used to provide all-round (360 degree) security and observation when the unit is stationary. It is useful for tactical refuelling, resupply, and issuing orders. Because it presents an easy target, it is not designed to be used for long periods during daylight. HELICOPTERS MOUNTING When ordered to mount the helicopter for insertion, transportation, or evac first form a 360 area of security around the helo (Except when at base) Squad leads decide which squad will board the helo first, second, third etc. As the selected squad boards the other squads will maintain 360 security Squad lead will post up outside the helicopter as your squad boards. Squad lead should be last man in As you board call out over your local radio (Your name) On board. Squad leader call out over team lead radio (colour) squad in Continue until all squads are inside the helo While in the helo keep chatter to a minimum and keep radios clear for emergency communications DISMOUNTING DO NOT dismount the helicopter until the PILOT says that it is safe to dismount! Pilot will radio "All Teams Dismount" indicating that the helicopter is stable and it is safe to dismount the aircraft. When ordered to dismount the helicopter dismount and move about 10-15 meters away from the helicopter before taking a knee or prone position and maintaining 360 security Call over your local radio (Your name) and the general direction you are covering eg (Mcgee South East) If you notice that someone has already called a direction then pick another direction to cover, if all directions are covered then move to the area with the least amount of people Squad/team leads will be the last to dismount the helicopter the last one out will call "All out spin off" indicating it is safe for the pilot to depart Please note that these will be updated as necessary and are to be considered WIP
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    JTAC and forward ground team sounds like my kind of thing. again thanks for the pictures On a funnier note this was spit at the end of last Saturdays op
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    Lord Farsight bestows his blessing upon this tiny human. Also congrats man, it's rewarding and disgusting at the same time lol.
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    Will be there like always, sorry I haven't been on but "For Honor" dropped and whacking peoples heads off with a ball and chain flail makes me hard.
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    I wanted to emphasize the intent behind #2 is to limit bugging Cyphas about random things. LET THE MAN SLEEP. My personal rule is that if he isn't on the TS, I don't message him.
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    I have been apart of Spartan Tactical for almost a year now, and since near the beginning, i have been one of the main mission makers. I know a few of us have been searching for a mission or mod or whatever which can play to our strengths as a pmc, from PMC simulator to Overthrow and even a few custom missions . I may have finally found what we are looking for. Hired Guns 2: Mercenary campaign http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=831634087&searchtext= Depending on the response to this post, i may put the mission up for testing on our end. If enough people enjoy the test, i will make contact with the mission developer about customizing it for us, personally...... Let me know what you think in the comments below Cyphas
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    I want to thank Farsight and command for letting me fly the F-15 on the orientation server. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
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    had my sister in law make me a spartac tag for my truck! sorry for potato quality iphone picture
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    so am I the only one that plays? well thats embarrassing
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    And, finally complete after two days work (I think) Here's a tease of the final result which you'll all see in the near future:
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    Was working on all the stuff I do that keeps me busy around here with the site and servers and what not. Part of this project requires some new art assets which I'm working on, part of that required grabbing some screenshots of a couple AI in SPARTAC gear. I'm still working on that whole part, but in the process of it all I morphed it into this and thought it was pretty cool: Photo manip of two SPARTAC AI operators, shot in the Sahrani desert. Full size available here
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    MISSION BRIEFING 7PM (PST) SATURDAY, JUNE 11TH, 2016 (typical op night and time) BACKGROUND INFORMATION The island nation of United Sahrani located in the Mozambique channel has been at a very unstable peace since UN led intervention in early 1997 stopped the genocide of Southern Sahrani by Northern Sahrani invaders led by president and warlord Joseph Karoma. In late 1998 President Karoma was captured, forced to surrender and sign peace accords, officially dissolving North and South Sahrani into United Sahrani with democratically elected President Adisa Simba at its helm. UN / USPA forces have since kept a presence in the country to help maintain peace and train the United Sahrani Army. Since 2001 Joseph's oldest son Abdul Karoma has been gathering rebels loyal to the Karomas call for a "pure bloodline" and "A Sahrani without fascist invaders", engaging in criminal activity and causing civil unrest. In 2013 Karoma formed The Northern Sahrani Liberation Army (NSLA) which is believed to amassed about 10,500 members complete with fairly modern weaponry and has ran a fairly successful guerrilla war against UN and United Sahrani Forces for the last 3 years. On the morning of May 14th, the NSLA attacked a press conference in the capital of Corazol, and succeeded assassinating President Simba, sparking the beginning of the United Sahrani Civil war SITUATION The UN / USPA have set up an aid distribution center in the south east town of Cayo with the intent of providing food, water, supplies and medical to refugees displaced from their homes in more hostile areas of the island. Currently the UN/USPA has a total of fourteen of these stations scattered all over the southern half of Sahrani. Later this afternoon Two high ranking officers from the UN / USPA and one UN ambassador will be doing a press release with CNN and local Sahrani news stations. According to local intel there has been rumblings around the area that insurgents plan to attack during the filming. Despite being advised to hold the release at a more secure location, Ambassador Dyatlov insists that that the filming take place at their aid station in order to show the people of Sahrani that the UN is there to help. MISSION & EXECUTION Time: 1500hrs Task: SPARTAC elements will insert in SE Cayo and provide security for Ambassador Dyatlov, UN Officer Zelker, and USPA Officer Smith ensuring their safety during the press release filming / interviews. If anything should happen SPARTAC is to ensure that the three VIPs extract VIA the UN Ghosthawk standing by on station. Insertion: Ghosthawk or Chinook Extraction: Ghosthawk Or Chinook Required Equipment: Zipties, AT reccomended. RISKS - CONCERNS - NOTES Expected enemy strength: UNKNOWN Currently there is no reports of rebel activity in the area Civilian / friendly force considerations: HIGH The aid station and surrounding area is swarmed with civilians and UN volunteers. Anti-air concerns: UNKNOWN Support: Several SPARTAC technicals and offroads have been delivered to the station for QRF operations. Weather Report: CLEAR. Chance of rain later in the evening, High of 94*. Additional Info: A UN ghosthawk is standing by to extract the VIPs if an attack should occur. All VIPs have been briefed that if anything happens they are to head immediately for the helicopter and extract. Intel reports that a USPA platoon busted up a VBIED operation in a town further north so there is a possibility of VBIED's.
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    Nicely done and thanks to all who attended. Not pictured: @The Wilted Rose, @Kolljak and @Drc16
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    MISSION BRIEFING 7PM (PST) SATURDAY, MAY 14TH, 2016 (typical op night and time) BACKGROUND INFORMATION The island nation of United Sahrani located in the Mozambique channel has been at a very unstable peace since UN led intervention in early 1997 stopped the genocide of Southern Sahrani by Northern Sahrani invaders led by president and warlord Joseph Karoma. In late 1998 President Karoma was captured, forced to surrender and sign peace accords, officially dissolving North and South Sahrani into United Sahrani with democratically elected President Adisa Simba at its helm. UN / USA forces have since kept a presence in the country to help maintain peace and train the United Sahrani Army. Since 2001 Joseph's oldest son Abdul Karoma has been gathering rebels loyal to the Karomas call for a "pure bloodline" and "A Sahrani without fascist invaders", engaging in criminal activity and causing civil unrest. In 2013 Karoma formed The Northern Sahrani Liberation Army (NSLA) which is believed to amassed about 10,500 members complete with fairly modern weaponry and has ran a fairly successful guerrilla war against UN and United Sahrani Forces for the last 3 years. On the morning of May 14th, the NSLA attacked a press conference in the capital of Corazol, and succeeded assassinating President Simba, sparking the beginning of the United Sahrani Civil war SITUATION Early this morning NSLA forces attacked the city of Corazol. The NSLA was successful in assassinating several key government officials that were in attendance at the press conference, including President Simba. Since that time the UN / United Sahrani Peoples Army (USPA) has moved in force to Corazol and are currently engaged in fierce fighting trying to retake the city. About four hours ago contact was made with one Ambassador Micheal Song who was in attendance at the press conference who is currently holed up in a hotel suite inside the city with two members of his security detachment and in desperate need of extraction. With the UN / USPA currently engaged in peoples aid operations and general fighting with the NPLA, SPARTAC has been deployed to assist the Sahrani government in military operations. MISSION & EXECUTION Task: SPARTAC elements will be inserted south of Corazol via helicopter and move on foot into the city, locate Ambassador Song and any remaining members of his PSD team and extract them southwest to a UN outpost in the town of Dolores. Insertion: Ghosthawk or Chinook Extraction: Any civilian or rebel vehicles SPARTAC is able to procure on site, to Dolores UN base Required Equipment: Zipties to secure PSD members RISKS - CONCERNS - NOTES Expected enemy strength: HIGH. UAV flyovers confirm a large presence of NSLA members and insurgents sympathetic to their cause. Civilian / friendly force considerations: HIGH. A lot of civilians are still caught in the city, along with a large presence of UN / USPA forces. Positive identification (PID) of targets is required. Anti-air concerns: HIGH. The NSLA is well equipped with Manpads and was able to down a Blackfoot attack helicopter earlier today that was providing security for the initial extraction of several dignitaries. Support: The UN / USPA has a large force that is currently on site and engaged in direct combat with the rebels in the city.
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    LEFT TO RIGHT (IF I REMEMBER CORRECTLY): Farsight, Cyphas Cayne, Sleepy Jones
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    Congrats man, just wait until she hits 3, that's when the sassyness comes out full force lol. Source: my daughter is 3 and is sassy as hell.
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    As you may have noticed, SPARTAC.NET recently received a facelift with a new look and some subtle new features. This update was released in "beta" as it is still under active development, however I felt it was important to get the new updates out soon to ensure the best GUI was available for the forums following a recent software update that broke some old features in the old skin. Along with this new visual update comes a new method of sharing news and updates with you regarding everything from minor team news, development updates and mission briefings. This also is a work in progress as I tailor it to fit the needs of our officers and content creators so I ask that you please be patient with me during that time while not hesitating to provide feedback. I hope you'll all enjoy the updates thus far in addition to those to come and I thank you for your patience, understanding and continued commitment to Spartan Tactical Group. View full article
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    MISSION BRIEFING7PM (PST) SATURDAY, February 25, 2017 (typical op night and time) BACKGROUND INFORMATION Welcome to Southern Sahrani. After our recent run of PMC operations gaining valuable combat experience, The government of Southern Sahrani at the direction of the Royal Family has hired us on a government contract to train some of their units. Those who do not know, Southern Sahrani is bordered by a not so friendly nation to the north. There is a long tradition of tension between the neighbors, but since the establishment of the DMZ some 27 years ago, there has not been a single border incursion. The interest in extra training by Southern Sahrani MoD was sparked by the North signing a mutual defense pact with CSAT, which typically indicates full membership in the Bloc will follow shortly. A NATO Exercise is scheduled to take place off the shore of Southern Sahrani in the next 90 days in response, and NATO has invited observers from the Southern Sahrani Leadership. SITUATION Current situation as of 25 FEB, 2017: In an Unprecedented attack, the North Has Launched a massive attack against the South. Spartac showed its prowess on the battlefield that day, and demonstrated it's value. We have been offered a contract for the duration of the hostilities should we so choose. Any Spactac employees who wish to decline the contract are welcome to, but this will be your last chance. With our Defense of Pariso, and the government sector including the MoD the government of South Sahrani still stands. I have been working closely with senior leadership to determine what assets the South still has, and where best we can assist. The South was caught nearly completely off guard. Current Map of the Situation: Known lines as of 25 FEB. The western sectors of the island are unknown, but assumed in enemy hands. Intel Indicates that several Mech Inf Bde have rolled over the border, in addition to a full AR and Inf Bde in support. Their know Air assets include An Inf Bde Airmobile, and a Fixed wing Combat Squadron. With that said, we have 3 potential targets that myself and the MoD feels will greatly assist in the defense of the south. Potential Targets: OBJ A: Ground Attack of Estrella Light Inf contacts reported near the town of Estrella. Strong Western coastal attack pushing out the front line would cause the enemy to reconsider any attacks on their Prize, the Paraiso Capital. OBJ B: Air Assualt of OpFor Supply FOB In / around the municipality of Cayo Our Forces will Approach via Littlebird to assualt enemy supply, logistics and maintenance FOB. Should be lightly defended. Destroying this supply infrastructure will hurt the enemy forward deployed forces in the west. OBJ C: SCUBA insert of Dolores Enemy forces are smoking and joking around the town of Dolores, waterborne insert, wreck any enemy targets, disrupt supply lines and bail out. Remind them that Godless Communists are not welcome when people have the desire to be free... KEYNOTES - Civilians are not to be engaged unless they a direct and legitimate threat. In country you are not to go heavily armed unless specifically told otherwise. Civilians must be treated with respect and courtesy. Finally, commandeering any civilian vehicles will be dealt with severely. Surveillance: Operating area. Targets last known appearance. Heavy equipment. Recommended outfit. MISSION & EXECUTION Time: Mission Dependent Task: ROE(Rules Of Engagement): PID, Fire at willMain body: Intercept Team: Recon: Insertion: Extraction: Recommended Equipment: Combat Load, per Operator Preference Required Roles: COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Command: 121 short range 33 long range ARES - (MAIN BODY) -121.1 POSEIDON - (INTERCEPT TEAM) - 121.2 APOLLO - (CAS) - 50 long range HERMES - (RECON) - 121.3 team 121 for relaying info. 33 Long range (when applicable) SQUAD LEADERS / SPECIAL ROLES Alpha Team Lead: Alpha Team Medic: Bravo Team Lead: Bravo Team Medic: Radio Operator: Zeus: RISKS - CONCERNS - NOTES Expected enemy strength: N/AAnti-air concerns: N/ASupport: N/AWeather Report: Clear skies, No wind, , High of 98'fAdditional Information: Uniform for use in Theater: Scorpion or Variant: Primary pattern in your kit should be Scorpion. Crye preference over other uniform cuts.
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    Looks cool but I'm not allowed to buy any more games, my wife said ArmA 3 was the last one for a while lol.
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    MISSION BRIEFING7PM (PST) SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2016 (typical op night and time) BACKGROUND INFORMATION Welcome to Benghazi gentlemen. We have been commissioned as the security team for a CIA Annex located in Benghazi, Libya. Tensions are high in the country, with a large population against the US government operating within. The hostile forces are not designated by camo, we are dealing with a possible radical Islamic population. A U.S. Embassy (AMBO COMPOUND) is within a few miles of the CIA Annex and we have met with their local security to asses the vulnerability of their facility. The AMBO security forces will depend on us in case of emergency. SITUATION Current situation as of February 6, 2017: - There have been many suspicious vehicles and military aged males hanging around the CIA Annex; have been seen on cellphones, Annex location may be compromised. -The AMBO Security forces have notified us of a man taking pictures over their walls; possibly gaining intel on the layout of the AMBO Compound grounds. -We have gained intelligence of a possible attack on a high value target, and we have reason to believe the AMBO is the target. -If the AMBO Compound is compromised, our instructions are to evacuate the AMBO personnel and get them back to the CIA Annex. -There may be locals friendly to us and will engage hostiles along side of us, heed ROE. KEYNOTES - Civilians are not to be engaged unless they a direct and legitimate threat. -Opposition is most likely radical locals (Russian made arms, little to no body armor, no distinguishing apparel) -In country you are not to go heavily armed unless specifically told otherwise. -Civilians must be treated with respect and courtesy. -Since we are working along side of the CIA our presence is to stay unknown at all odds. -We are the only active "security" in the area currently, our CIA agents do have local militias as our only assets. Surveillance: AMBO COMPOUND PHOTOGRAPH OF AMBO COMPOUND FRONT GATE CIA ANNEX COMPOUND AMBO COMPOUND PERSONNEL AO MAP (Fallujah Map) MISSION & EXECUTION Time: 1800 hrsTask: Secure and extract the AMBO personnel back to the CIA Annex; ALIVE OR IN BODY BAGS. Defend CIA Annex against possible counter attack. ROE(Rules Of Engagement): Do not fire, unless fired upon.Main body: Refer to "Task" Intercept Team: N/A.Recon: N/AInsertion: CIA VehiclesExtraction: Any AvailableRecommended Equipment: Light helmets, vests, NO CAMO-Civi Clothes ONLY , body bag, night visionRequired Roles: A couple of role players for AMBO Security (voluntary); will be in combat alongside BLUFOR. COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Command: 121 short range 33 long range (when needed) ARES - (MAIN BODY) -121.1 POSEIDON - (INTERCEPT TEAM) - N/A APOLLO - (CAS) - 50 long range HERMES - (RECON) - 121.3 team 121 for relaying info. 33 Long range (when applicable) SQUAD LEADERS / SPECIAL ROLES Alpha Team Lead: Alpha Team Medic: Bravo Team Lead: Bravo Team Medic: Radio Operator: Zeus: Farsight or Colt RISKS - CONCERNS - NOTES Expected enemy strength: UNKNOWNAnti-air concerns: N/ASupport: N/AWeather Report: Clear skies, No wind, , High of 98'fAdditional Information: Message me for a chance to be a role player, 2 slots, first come first server, comment on here (ROLE PLAYER) to get it.
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    Welcome to Takistan After our last Operation and our Success of taking out the two Warlords,the Taki Militia have been furious in a latest US Army Operation they managed to take 3 US Army soliders Hostage and managed to Murder them and post it online: Also they have taken an American Journalist Hostage and our Job is to go in there and rescue him and get him back Home Spartac will be split up into 2 teams consisting of: Alpha Team Bravo Team SITUATION Current situation as of January 8, 2017: - Civilians are indifferent to any military presence so they can be ignored, however there have been reports of IED's being used. - Anyone with a gun is to be considered hostile KEYNOTES - Civilians must be treated with respect and courtesy, we're in their country. Commandeering any enemy weapon must be approved by a team leader first Finally, commandeering any civilian vehicles will be dealt with severely. - Must be approved by a team leader first MISSION & EXECUTION Time: 14:15 hrsTask: Rescue the Journalist by any means Necessary ROE(Rules Of Engagement): Do not fire, unless fired uponMain body: Split into 2 smaller team and complete assigned tasksRecon: N/AInsertion: Off RoadsExtraction: Same as insertionRecommended Equipment: Soft headgear, small caliber weapons/non aggressive. Heavy caliber for suppression.Required Roles: COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Command: 121 short range 33 long range (when needed) Alpha Team: (ARES) -121.1 Bravo Team: (POSEIDEN) - 121.2 CAS: (APOLLO) - 50 long range Recon: (HERMES) - 121.3 team 121 for relaying info. 33 Long range (when applicable) SQUAD LEADERS / SPECIAL ROLES Platoon Lead: Alpha Team Lead: Alpha Team Medic: Bravo Team Lead: Bravo Team Medic: Radio Operator: EOD Personnel: Zeus: Cyphas RISKS - CONCERNS - NOTES Expected enemy strength: UNKNOWNAnti-air concerns: N/ASupport:Weather Report: Clear sky, mild wind. High of 40'fAdditional Information:
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    MISSION BRIEFING7PM (PST) SATURDAY, AUGUST 13, 2016 (typical op night and time) BACKGROUND INFORMATION The Takistan mountains in recent years have been a hotbed of terrorist activity since 7 October 2001 with Operation Enduring Freedom. Lately the balance of power has shifted in the local government and a radical change in stance regarding these activities has been seen with the introduction of private military contractors being called in to help stabilize the area and assist local forces in establishing a safe area for the local population, since the US military recently pulled out. The government is concerned that without a dominant militarized presence in the area the fighters will wreak havoc on the surrounding areas. Drugs, bombings, torture and murder are the major concerns so every PMC group is flexing it's muscles in an attempt to crush this behavior, however some groups have come to blows in recent months and tensions are running high. SITUATION The UN and Gendarme are attending a Loya Jirga (Grand assembly) this weekend and have requested that SPARTAC members provide additional security for the meeting. In attendance are the CO of US forces who have taken particular interest in recent events and the Gendarme commander in charge of training local police forces in the area, as well as village elders from around the area. The purpose of the meeting is to decide a new head of state for the region so as well as a SPARTAC presence there is also a combined US and Gendarme security force in attendance in the area as well. Under no circumstances is anyone allowed to enter the compound without proper identification and papers. ROE is return fire only, report all suspicious activity to command, establish foot patrols around and inside the compound. It is unknown if there will be an attack however given that the current regime has a reputation for supporting the rebels expect some resistance. MISSION & EXECUTION Time: 12:45hrsTask: Provide additional security for the meeting between UN commanders and village elders.Main body: 2 SquadsRecon: N/AInsertion: GhosthawkExtraction: GhosthawkRecommended Equipment: 5.56 rifles or above, helmets and vests.Main Body: All squads will be deposited in Bastamhen proceed on task. ROE Return fire only.Sniper Team: N/ARequired Roles: N/A COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Command 121 short range 33 long range (when needed) Alpha Team (ARES) -121.1 Bravo Team (POSEIDEN) - 121.2 CAS (APOLLO) - 50 long range Recon (HERMES) - 121.3 team 121 for relaying info. 33 Long range (when applicable) SQUAD LEADERS / SPECIAL ROLES Alpha Team Lead: Alpha Team Medic: Bravo Team Lead: Bravo Team Medic: Radio Operator: RISKS - CONCERNS - NOTES Expected enemy strength: UNKNOWNAnti-air concerns: UNKNOWN Support: US & GENDARME COMBINED PROTECTION FORCEWeather Report: Sunny with no breeze, high of 114"Additional Information: A SPARTAC FOB is close to the site and has been briefed on your arrival, they have supply's if needed and can be used as a fall back point. Maps of AO: Satellite image of meeting area. VIPs in attendance. Recommended outfit set for this theater.
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    Can't find the "like" button so I'll just say thanks guys it's been an absolute pleasure bro-ing out with you guys and watching my typical work day fantasies come to life. I'm looking forward to getting on the other side of the scenes again and will let you guys know whats up with the work schedule as soon as I know myself. #WARCRIME!
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    Once more unto the breach! Ready to rock n roll!
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    ARMA : Sleepy Jones XboxLive : SleepyTime96 Steam : Sl33pyJones Looking to have fun and be a team player. The game is intense enough, I have no sympathy for people who try to bring their drama into an online community. Looking forward to new faces and good times. I'm going back to bed...
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    Just something i wipped up inside Arma 3 for you guys.

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