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    MISSION BRIEFING 4/21/2018 9pm CST (WE ARE WHEELS UP @ 9) 14/04/2018 BACKGROUND INFORMATION Orientation will take place on Malden. This weekend will be a focus on interoperability and coordination. Kit will be provided as needed. MORE INFO WILL BE ADDED LATER SIT REP: N/A MISSION & EXECUTION N/A Time: 07:00 Objectives: Primary - N/A Secondary - N/A Tertiary - N/A Rules Of Engagement: N/A Threat Level: N/A Insertion: N/A Respawn: ZEUS DISCRETION Uniform: SPARTAC standard issue Equipment: As needed. not required. Requirements: N/A RISKS - CONCERNS - NOTES Assets: REDACTED Weather Report: N/A Additional Information: N/A Role Play Requirements: N/A Additional Intel: N/A

Spartan Tactical Group

The Spartan Tactical Group was organized in early 2016 to create a community for like-minded gamers. With a focus on teamwork, tactics and communication the group provides an experience lacking from many modern military shooters of today. Understanding the importance of brotherhood before victory, Spartan Tactical strives for a relaxed and light-hearted approach to not only the game, but our community as well. Hailing from all different backgrounds and walks of life, our membership is valued and our friends respected.

No matter the challenge, Spartans stand ready to answer the call.

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