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  1. [LD] Operation HellHounds

    I highly recommend spitfire not be a roleplay character after the last 2 ops hahaha
  2. [LD] Operation Red Velvet

    Can i just run transport and/or a support position for this? Don't feel like doing anything else at this time.
  3. Dunkirk

    I remember when the nazi party was multi cultural and racially diverse. dont they teach that shit no more
  4. Operation Trident

    Ill take SL if possible unless, someone else wants it? If someone else runs it i can do transport to and from along with doing it when people are KIA and need reinsert
  5. [LD] Operation SpearHead

    Looks like its a protect mission spitfire. Unless your gonna recon where we are protecting/ route we would be taking i doubt there will be. But hey ill take SL if i am there on time. If not ill take Rifleman. Also is the Governer gonna be roleplayed by one of our own. If not we will probs end up just slapping some cable ties on hime and put him in the corner
  6. [LD] Operation Fireworks

    Ill carrry a carl g for this if possible? If not ill carry some belts for a LMG or HMG.
  7. looking for a noob friendly unit

    you could always grab someone elses but delete their answers and put yours
  8. [LD] Operation Hellfire

    Will do everything in my power to be there. Will just run rifleman if get there.
  9. Operation Bleed Out

    That eas you at start of LD last week Also i cannot make it
  10. Baby gidget

    Fucken who let gidget be a dad. Fucken christ all mighty. That baby best have severally angels over its head to deal with you as a father All in all congrats
  11. Operation Gondor Calls for Aid

    Will attempt to attend. If i can ill take a GL or play a support role like HMG OR Mortar's
  12. Operation Chatter

    Will attempt to be there since im off. No promise obviously. But if i am there any chance of running a mortar crew of three? Would be something we hadnt dobe in a long time. Last time i remember we used mortars was a trauma weekday op
  13. [LD] Operation New Home (Retry)

    Wont be there sorry
  14. [LD] Operation Refresher

    Will attempt to be there if i can stay awake after i finish work. Also my birthday so thatll also interfere with my attempt in joining.
  15. Operation Get in Shape

    I wont be there sorry. Working.

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