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  1. [LD] Operation Simple Design

    I'm there to Zeus if you want it. Otherwise I'll TL.
  2. 20171203222441_1.jpg

  3. 20171203222433_1.jpg

  4. 20171203222429_1.jpg

  5. 20171203222422_1.jpg

  6. Operation Assumptive Close

    You know I'll be there if it isn't at the same time as the LD OP.
  7. Operation Ardent Sword

    OH you know I’m there. Maybe even for the RP role... If it’s a fun one.

    Well shit. This sounds like a cool ass mission. Too bad I won’t be there for it, so somebody better record it! Preferably from a Zeus perspective.
  9. [LD] Operation Leonidus Devils

    You'll need t get a replacement for me this weekend as I'll be at my mother's place for a week or so starting Wednesday
  10. (DR) Operation Heart Breaker

    Overwatch TL with the boomstick .50
  11. (DR) Operation Grey Duck

    Kinda, but as a Team leader. Hoping we do another Airborne OP for this one, or the Saturday OP.
  12. (DR) Operation Grey Duck

    Team Leader for Recon or Insert.
  13. [LD] Operation Hells Angels

    Heavy Demo OP, roger that. 10 charges per man!

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