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  1. Operation Midgard

    MISSION BRIEFING 20180114 9pm CST BACKGROUND INFORMATION Welcome, gentlemen, to Isla Abramia. A small Island in the Baltic Sea that has seen a recent loss of Independence due to a dictatorial Regime and a cult like following of said dictator. Rumor has it that CSAT has been supplying and aiding this dictator and his Army. Fortunately, the Country of Estonia has allowed us the use of a small satellite Island as our base of operations while we investigate. A rebel contingency has also allowed us a secondary FOB on the main Island to grant access to the mainland from the ground. For the time being, it is unknown whether we can safely fly over the mainland. That being said, our mission here is clear. Find the problems, crush them and help liberate the people of this once free Island Nation. This is not a summer vacation boys, it's going to be cold. FOB TANNGRISNIR FOB TANNGNJOSTR REBEL FORCES CSAT MISSION & EXECUTION At exactly 0800 we will begin our movement from FOB Tanngrisnir to FOB Tanngnjostr and begin our patrol of the area. Keep in mind that we will only fly from FOB to FOB at this current time as existence of AA sites is currently unknown. If given the opportunity, we have the authority to arrest and interrogate civilians if we have caught them breaking the law. Suspicious persons may also be questioned at any time. However, we will NOT shoot anybody unless they are shooting at us or we are firing warning shots to get them to stop or go away. Killing innocent civilians may turn the rebels against us. Time: 0800 Objectives: Primary - Patrol Area near Yolandi. Secondary - Speak with locals and gain their trust/information. Tertiary - Locate Intel. Rules Of Engagement: RFO (RETURN FIRE ONLY) Threat Level: AMBER (CAUTION) Insertion: Blackhawk/Chinook. Respawn: Immediate. Extraction: Truck to secondary FOB. Uniform: Mission dependent Leadership discretion. Equipment: Team/Squad discretion. Always bring Zip-Ties. Requirements: n/a RISKS - CONCERNS - NOTES Assets: HMMWVS, UH-60, CH-47 Weather Report: Overcast, Heavy Snow Additional Information: CONSIDER NO ONE AS HOSTILE UNLESS UNDER DIRECT ENGAGEMENT Role Play Requirements: 1-2 Additional Intel: n/a
  2. Operation Midgard

    Just the map and snow storm module.
  3. Operation Sand Trap

    Taking that platoon daddy slot, my dude.
  4. 12/23/2017 Santa's Revenge

    Zues: Grinch Ares Red/Blue: Rudolph & Blitzen Apollo: Comet Poseidon: Fucking Elf
  5. 16-12-2017 Operation Valiant Spear

    Do you reeeeeeeeally want me doing RP again? lmao
  6. [LD] Operation Simple Design

    I'm there to Zeus if you want it. Otherwise I'll TL.
  7. 20171203222441_1.jpg

  8. 20171203222433_1.jpg

  9. 20171203222422_1.jpg

  10. Operation Assumptive Close

    You know I'll be there if it isn't at the same time as the LD OP.
  11. Operation Ardent Sword

    OH you know I’m there. Maybe even for the RP role... If it’s a fun one.

    Well shit. This sounds like a cool ass mission. Too bad I won’t be there for it, so somebody better record it! Preferably from a Zeus perspective.
  13. [LD] Operation Leonidus Devils

    You'll need t get a replacement for me this weekend as I'll be at my mother's place for a week or so starting Wednesday
  14. (DR) Operation Heart Breaker

    Overwatch TL with the boomstick .50
  15. (DR) Operation Grey Duck

    Kinda, but as a Team leader. Hoping we do another Airborne OP for this one, or the Saturday OP.
  16. (DR) Operation Grey Duck

    Team Leader for Recon or Insert.
  17. [LD] Operation Hells Angels

    Heavy Demo OP, roger that. 10 charges per man!
  18. Operation Rook

    If it's cool, prior to the mission start, I'd like to give a brief run-down of how to react to an ambush or attack while in a convoy.
  19. Operation Constant Rodeo

    I'll take Team Lead since it's unlikely all votes will be cast by the time the OP comes along. However, in the event that I'm wrong and not voted into that position, I'll rock an LMG.
  20. [LD] Operaion Firewave

    Yo, if this is some CQB n' Chill, make me the 'Breach & Banger'. Unless you want that RP slot filled by yours truly.
  21. Operation Credible Wolf

    Yooooo, this new campaign is legit! I like it.
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