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  1. Operation Poseidon

    Can we has HALO jump?
  2. [LD] Operation HellHounds

    Would like to be an ADVON/ Recon. If I could scout out 30 min prior to the others getting on ground that'd be awesome.
  3. Operation Trident

    Squad RTO. I'll need 1 other to volunteer to show up 15 min prior to op to teach them RTO for the other squad.
  4. [LD] Operation SpearHead

    put me where im needed
  5. [LD] Operation Last Goodbye

    I'll take the boom sticks and LMG
  6. Operation Whirlwind

    If available I'll take LRS/RTO. Maybe even have spit, and I do a free fall onto the island 30 minutes before the op to gain details on locations, enemy type, and enemy numbers. once main force hits the island we will join them.
  7. Operation Overload

    Rto for me. If one is not needed I'll run rifleman, or pick up a role that is needed.
  8. @ArchAngel @VikingAus
  9. [LD] Operation Fireworks

  10. MISSION BRIEFINGTime, Day Etc (typical op night and time) Welcome to Stratis gentlemen. After our successful liberation of altis from the hands of the syndicat drug cartel things have only heated up. During our altis campaign we learned of AAF involvement on the island and as such after our reports were turned over the AAF has been labeled as a terrorist group by NATO, we've been tasked with helping NATO eradicate the AAF and any subgroups before they get anymore support so we're going to be taking the fight to them. This campaign will have full NATO support and as such expect a wide arsenal for us. Stratis used to be controlled completely by NATO until being abondened in the early 2000's AFF has since seized control of the entire island and all the assets left behind on it. KEYNOTES NATO want to squish the AAF threat and quick and as such have requested the USS Freedom to dock just off shore and is to be used for all future NATO operations on the island we have been given the directive to take statis from the south to the north. After the success of last week we are moving our advance forward. We are going to liberate the east side on the island all the way to most northern point. we are leaving the airfield on the west side as our final target, and will have that mission at a later date so we may resupply. MISSION & EXECUTION NOTE 1. THIS OP IS A CONTINGENCY IF LRRR POSTS AN OP THIS ONE IS VOID 2. VOLUNTEER ON THIS POST TO GET A ROLE. IF YOU WANT A ROLE, BUT ARE NOT ON THE POST YOU WILL BE A RIFLEMAN Time:1400Task: Move to take coastal recon positions and push to the northern point ROE(Rules Of Engagement): REDMain body: Intercept Team: Recon: Insertion: Extraction: Uniform for use in Theater: NATO/SpartacRecommended Equipment:Required Roles: COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Command: 121 short range 33 long range ARES - (MAIN BODY) -121.1 POSEIDON - (INTERCEPT TEAM) - 121.2 APOLLO - (CAS) - 50 long range SQUAD LEADERS / SPECIAL ROLES Alpha Team Lead: Bravo Team Lead: Recon/Overwatch: Radio Operator: ME MOTHERFUCKERS Air Support/Transport: Bounty hunter (ASSUMING) CAS Pilot: IARESPITFIRE (ASSUMING) JTAC: ME MOTHERFUCKERS Zeus (Command Only): LRRRtheDestroyer (ASSUMING) RISKS - CONCERNS - NOTES Expected enemy strength:HighAnti-air concerns: SomeSupport: NatoWeather Report: Cloudy Additional Information: THERE IS NO ARIEL RECONNAISSANCE OF THE AREA DUE TO BEING TOO CLOSE TO THE AIR FIELD.
  11. Still more competent than most of you bastards. @LRRRtheDestroyer @FramesNotFound @Farsight @VikingAus
  12. [LD] Operation Hellfire

    Put me where im needed

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