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  1. sparkstable


    Sounds LEGIT!!!!
  2. sparkstable

    Operation Holy Rover

    I'll take small team lead. Whole squad only if no one else capable/experienced is present.
  3. sparkstable

    Op Timis Preem

    That's my cats name. No lie. His (late) bro was named Megatron.
  4. sparkstable

    Op Timis Preem

    Get to town, locate hostages, kill bad guys, extract hostages. Heli and wheels available at TL discretion. Got it. Sounds nice a bloody.
  5. sparkstable

    Operation Valkyrie Descent

    Should be able to make it. Sounds fun... unless you're Zeus, Trauma. If so... IDAP can go ahead and grab their ankles now cause we're about to get boned!! 😣
  6. sparkstable

    I didn't realize this was here

    A new recruit that comes with "radio discipline" as a standard feature?!?!?! YES PLEASE!!!! Kidding aside... welcome to the single most dysfunctional and abusive group I've ever been a part of. It's great, amazing, and makes me smile every day. If you can give as good as you get, you'll fit in fine.
  7. sparkstable

    Operation Valiant Hearts

    I should be there. May be just a tad late but not by much if any.
  8. sparkstable

    Operation Tiger Strike

    Saturday's hockey game may cause me to have to sit this one out. Just a heads up.
  9. sparkstable

    Operation Tiger Strike

    Team Lead > Squad Lead >Medic > LMG
  10. I pointed out that we got discombobulated once we got to the overlook. We were taking fire from quite a ways away and it got us mixed up. Also pointed out that tanks, when used right, are awesome; otherwise they are metal coffins. I think most people get a false sense of security in them (myself included). Infantry support would have been good, I agree. The tight quarters in the radio tower was death for us. Too small for the two tanks to provide close support. A better turnout allowing us two tanks with ground support would have been sick. As for the ammo... Arma gonna Arma. Shout out to Gidget for trying to sort that for us.
  11. sparkstable

    Operation Týr

    Hope to make it, but no promises.
  12. sparkstable

    Operation Squirt Control

    Depends on how the Saturday hockey schedule looks. So I may not make it (or may be late). If I make it, rifleman is cool.
  13. sparkstable

    Operation Squirt Control

    I would PREFER Team Lead over Element Lead for the time being. Also... any infantry role is fine by me. I usually run medic slot just in case.
  14. sparkstable

    Operation Mjolnir

    Caption for above: "Really? A Canadian flag?"

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