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  1. I pointed out that we got discombobulated once we got to the overlook. We were taking fire from quite a ways away and it got us mixed up. Also pointed out that tanks, when used right, are awesome; otherwise they are metal coffins. I think most people get a false sense of security in them (myself included). Infantry support would have been good, I agree. The tight quarters in the radio tower was death for us. Too small for the two tanks to provide close support. A better turnout allowing us two tanks with ground support would have been sick. As for the ammo... Arma gonna Arma. Shout out to Gidget for trying to sort that for us.
  2. Operation Týr

    Hope to make it, but no promises.
  3. Operation Squirt Control

    Depends on how the Saturday hockey schedule looks. So I may not make it (or may be late). If I make it, rifleman is cool.
  4. Operation Squirt Control

    I would PREFER Team Lead over Element Lead for the time being. Also... any infantry role is fine by me. I usually run medic slot just in case.
  5. Operation Mjolnir

    Caption for above: "Really? A Canadian flag?"
  6. Operation Black Gold

    It was legit. I really feel like a large degree of the 'easy' factor we experienced was due to the fact that everyone was on point. It went WAY better than last week, lol!! Thanks again for putting it together. I hope to make the Wed Ops regularly... but can't promise it.
  7. Operation Black Gold

    Hope to make it. Gonna have to sweet talk the boss between now and then.
  8. Operation Devil's NIght

    Straight up kill and blow shit up mission??? I'm in!!!
  9. Operation Brother's Keeper

    Some weekend evening I'd be happy to jump onto the server and do research with you. You can shell me until i die from it!
  10. Operation Brother's Keeper

    You did get a splash down about 5 feet way from Blue Team with a smoke round as we began to evac from the compound. All of a sudden we were all like "WTF WAS THAT?!?!!?", screen all fuzzy and sound going out... then saw the smoke billow up and knew what it was. Didn't hurt or kill anyone, so it's about as good as you can get it I guess, lol!!
  11. Operation Brother's Keeper

    Excellent job everyone! @Wolf2 you did a great job leading Gold Team. Wanted to make sure you knew that. And the whole comms thing... it's just a matter of practice. Most people let go early. It just makes it really hard to know if you're done talking, if you got shot and died, or what. Hope you didn't think I was angry or anything. But you did a fantastic job tonight. @Stillwater You and Blue Team did an amazing job helping relieve pressure off of Gold Team when they started to take the brunt of the attack. The ambush on the patrol was wicked. @Joe Those mortars were spot on. All in all... probably one of the smoothest successful missions I've seen since joining. Great job!! And @Trauma it was a really good OP. Felt balanced and success never seemed for sure until you and Joe picked us up at the end. The map was loaded with contacts so there was always this worry that we were about to be over run but the mortar team did a great job of helping reduce some of that pressure. Thanks for the fun mission!
  12. Operation Brother's Keeper

    And God forbid we end up needing an MG out the heli window. Whatever would you do then, @Joe?
  13. Operation Brother's Keeper

    I think I'm going to stick with TL this time unless there literally is no one else for squad. Then MAYBE I'll do it. MAYBE
  14. Operation Brother's Keeper

    I wouldn't mind running the squad some day... but not this time. I would rather try it first on a more straight forward mission (go here, kill, come home). But I'll take a team if needed, that's fine.

    Loved the idea. Just some technical issues to iron out and it'll be smooth like buttah! Thanks for taking the time to put it together for us. Hopefully I can jump on next week, too... but Wednesdays at 8 means the boss is probably still lurking around.

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