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    SPARTAN TACTICAL GROUP SECURITY CONTRACTOR APPLICATION General Info FIRST NAME: Jason LAST NAME: BD AGE: 23 COUNTRY: Canada (EST time zone) STEAM PROFILE: Sirjas (look for charlie the unicorn picture) ARMA Specific Info ARMA PLAYER ID: 76561198048176506 (Found in your profile in game, may add at later time if convenient) SPARTAC Questionnaire (optional but requested) HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT US?: Searching through internet WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN?: Love ARMA 3, but other clans are too intense and don't make me want to join. WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR IN A GROUP?: Casual people who want to play the game tactically as is intended, without the hassle of needing to be connected every Saturday or other day at exactly the right time for fault of being kicked out or whatever. Not being consistently ''yelled at'' for not being there since I am quite busy and have a lot of things going on. DO YOU HAVE ANYTHING YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE TO SPARTAC?: I believe I am a good Team Leader, I'm very composed in stressful situations and keep my cool (paramedic background). I work well in a team and I don't criticize other people/rage/yell. You can also go see my ARMA videos on my youtube channel if you want some examples of how I play : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq5kwgFWJSiWEwnZ3WjTVNQ?view_as=subscriber By submitting this application you are agreeing that you have read the SPARTAC Mission, Application Requirements & Code of Conduct and agree to them as written.

Spartan Tactical Group

The Spartan Tactical Group was organized in early 2016 to create a community for like-minded gamers. With a focus on teamwork, tactics and communication the group provides an experience lacking from many modern military shooters of today. Understanding the importance of brotherhood before victory, Spartan Tactical strives for a relaxed and light-hearted approach to not only the game, but our community as well. Hailing from all different backgrounds and walks of life, our membership is valued and our friends respected.

No matter the challenge, Spartans stand ready to answer the call.

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