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  1. J.Bankshaft

    Operation, And Stay Out

    medic lyfe
  2. J.Bankshaft

    Operation Cauterize

  3. J.Bankshaft

    Operation hydra head

    so good to be back
  4. J.Bankshaft

    Operation Hydra's Head, REDO

    apologies guys, the fucking internet guys decided to take a break i guess because my net was down
  5. J.Bankshaft

    Operation Hydra's Head, REDO

    guessing this is for this upcoming Saturday I will grab some of that medic life
  6. J.Bankshaft

    Glorious Bastards

    Gentlemen, Today I actually managed to wake my fat ass up in time to catch (most of) an op. it is so fucking good to blast dudes in the face with you guys again. For those who don't know I took a contracting job in December and have been a total ghost since. I finally blew a couple bucks bought a decent laptop, found some decent (totally shitty) Afghan internet and it was so great to have a group of familiar dudes to tear shit up with So thank you guys that are still running and gunning, thanks to the newer dudes I haven't really met yet and thanks to the dudes that make sure to keep this group stays alive. you guys rock, I'll be on time at the next op (third times a charm?)
  7. J.Bankshaft

    Operation Sirens Wail

    I'm down for medic. hopefully I have my timezones figured out correctly I will be there about an hour early to verify my mods.
  8. J.Bankshaft

    [LD} Operation Back to School

    Ld? precisely what I mean by we need to date and time briefings "oh sweet a briefing, I know its been awhile can i make it? "MISSION BRIEFINGTime, Day Etc (typical op night and time)" "maybe?" Or "oh sweet a briefing, I know its been awhile can i make it? "MISSION BRIEFING1900 PST, Friday 4/7/2017 (typical op night and time)" "yes I can, Medic please"
  9. J.Bankshaft

    [LD} Operation Back to School

    we really need to put the dates these ops are happening in the briefing. assuming this is the upcoming op Saturday the 8th at 630pm PST, I will be there as medic. also somebody go approve my unit application I wanna look cool too guis
  10. J.Bankshaft

    Moving House

    Idaho? Ew
  11. J.Bankshaft

    Facebook warrior status

    Nah, REED Same amount of money and I only work right hours a few days in a row
  12. J.Bankshaft

    Facebook warrior status

    Somebody has a good eye Some photos were Baf but I'm currently bumming at mez. I haven't done much kicking around Baf but the only compound I remember near the chow hall was full of dudes with beards, Velcro and dip. Those guys were cool and let us hang out and watch old school on their big screen so I don't think I'm thinking of the same place
  13. J.Bankshaft

    Facebook warrior status part 2

    Life's good gents, getting in shape and making dollar dollar bills, still up in the air with Amazon however it turns out an old army buddy of mine works at the data center I'm trying to get hired at. So yay. More snapshots of the easy life. Also, 'memba Dakota? I 'memba
  14. J.Bankshaft

    Operation Benghazi

    Soon friend, I have a very plausible job offer with Amazon so I'm holding out to see if that goes through and I come home, if I don't get selected and I stay here it'll be inbound.
  15. J.Bankshaft

    Operation Benghazi

    I'm really fucking sad I missed this one

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