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  1. TenebrisDrox

    Operation Sand Trap

    I'll be there
  2. TenebrisDrox

    Youtube channels

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMt3iZG80qRTSe4zn0Hr5YQ Mine :3
  3. TenebrisDrox

    Operation Cauterize

    Should be there
  4. TenebrisDrox

    Operation Benghazi

    Should be there unless something comes up
  5. TenebrisDrox

    Operation Tragic Burden

    Should be there.
  6. TenebrisDrox

    Operation Involuntary Shock

    Should be there
  7. TenebrisDrox

    Leonidas' Devils

    The one day I'm working at 8 in the morning the next day. I'll try and make it for a bit, but I don't think I'll be on for the entire op
  8. TenebrisDrox

    Useless stats that you might find interesting.

    I have 448 hours, so add that too
  9. TenebrisDrox

    Operation Valid Sacrifice

    Should be there tonight
  10. TenebrisDrox

    Operation Unpaid Debt

    I should be around
  11. TenebrisDrox

    What Do You Think?

    As a Halo fan, OPTRE is my wet dream. Seriously love every aspect of the mod and I hope the Covenant and such get put into it. The new update looks swag, too.
  12. TenebrisDrox

    Operation Cutting Cost

    Should be there, will do whatever
  13. TenebrisDrox

    Operation Breakback

    Open to any role
  14. TenebrisDrox

    Operation Flash Thunder

    Should be there unless something comes up. I'll take whatever slot is needed
  15. TenebrisDrox

    Operation Begonia

    Arma has been crashing on me so I hope a reinstall fixes my problem. So it's a hopeful maybe

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