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  1. B1azingPh03nix

    New games for spartac members to play together.

    I'm usually on Connor I think, I've got NC and TR on it. No idea what server my VS profile is on, I never use VS
  2. B1azingPh03nix


    "Meaning I went around and destroyed shit." Did you enlist farsight to assist?
  3. B1azingPh03nix

    New games for spartac members to play together.

    What server and faction do you play?
  4. B1azingPh03nix

    New games for spartac members to play together.

    I'd be down for gmod... I've spent most of my gaming time on the BF1 beta of late
  5. B1azingPh03nix

    New games for spartac members to play together.

    I've been dabbling in Planetside 2 a lot lately... It's a good alternative to Arma if you don't have a lot of time to dedicate to a single gaming session, but you still want a tactical based shooter. it's also free to play, so double win.
  6. B1azingPh03nix

    Pokemon Go

    I'm actually surprised there isn't a thread about it already... It seems to be literally everywhere else on the internet. So... anyone play?
  7. B1azingPh03nix

    Pokemon Go

    It kinda makes me want to pick up an old gameboy and yellow version, total nostalgia
  8. B1azingPh03nix

    Pokemon Go

    It doesn't matter what it is, there are always going to be those dumbasses in the world that refuse to use common sense... I love the game, it's different, it gets people out of their basements, and it takes me back to my childhood. I noticed Netflix has the original series the other day, and I made my wife watch it with me, since she had never seen it.
  9. B1azingPh03nix

    PVP Is now available.

    I think a counter-op style PvP would be pretty cool. Have opfor players defend the objectives alongside the standard AI defenders. That's about the only way I see PvP getting big. It would add a be dynamic to what the server has been like. It would be pretty intense rolling up on an objective knowing that some of the bad guys are actual players who might have a bead on you. I don't know about standard style games like TDM or conquest, but keeping AI in the mix would be sweet.
  10. B1azingPh03nix

    Pokemon Go

    It could end up being a fad, but I doubt it will be, mainly because of how successful it is. It's literally more popular than porn right now, and still isn't slowing down in it's rise of popularity... I heard it overtook snapchat today. From what I understand, it's the most successful, and popular app of all time. It's a fun game, but I feel like it's more of a beta right now, cuz it's very bare bones. Trading and PvP battling should be coming in the next couple updates if I remember correctly. I mainly play it at work to keep me sane. Sitting outside waiting to park cars gets old fast when you park ten cars a day. Lol Almost caught a Staryu today, but I ran out of pokeballs.
  11. B1azingPh03nix

    Community Achievements Suggestions

    I think it'd be sweet to do campaign ribbons for each op... kinda like a way for everyone to keep track of who participated in what op.
  12. B1azingPh03nix

    New Tesla!

    If you like that stuff, you'll love the new tesla lol I'm more of a practical guy. I'm a sucker for old school muscle cars, Jeeps, and sleepers. I also love doing my own maintenance on my cars. They're very well built cars, just not what I'd spend money on. I love driving them, I just think they'd be a pain to own. I will say that the acceleration with those things is freakin cool. It's so weird not feeling any shifting, or power spikes, it's just a constant stream of power to the wheels... it's crazy.
  13. Ah, that makes sense then. That's a fair point about early adopting GPUs, I hadn't considered that. All in all, he's got a good build, just thought I'd throw in my two cents to try to cut his costs down a bit.
  14. B1azingPh03nix

    GPU Recommendation

    I'll never do Dell after what my friend went through to get his alienware... it was shipped missing the Wi-Fi card, and the wrong hard drive, and took him close to a month to finally get the parts delivered. From what I hear they don't have their crap together
  15. B1azingPh03nix

    GPU Recommendation

    That's sweet, I'd say go for it. I can't offer much more suggestion then the 970 or 980. I haven't done too much research on the new cards yet. But I think the 970 is more than capable of running Arma 3 like a champ. I'm getting about 27-33 fps on my old GTX750FTW with the settings on high, if I switch down to normal they go up to about 40 depending on what I'm doing, so I'm sure anything in the 900 series could more than handle it. I'd love to hear about how your rig turns out
  16. B1azingPh03nix

    Favourite cars

    Favorite cars regardless of price range? McLaren P1 Porsche 918 C7 Corvette Z06 1969 Yenko Camaro Cars that I might be able to afford in my lifetime: 1969 Camaro SS 2016 corvette sting ray 2016 mustang GT 1970 challenger 1969 Charger
  17. B1azingPh03nix

    New Tesla!

    They're kinda cool, I drove an X and an S a couple weeks ago, honestly I'm not a huge fan of them. They're cool, and the interiors are nice looking, but they seem way too overcomplicated, and a lot of the features on them are impractical, and kinda gimmicky. (Lack of door handles for example) Sometimes simplicity is best. That being said, every tesla I've driven has been ridiculously smooth, and once you get over the lack of idling, and the hard braking, they're kinda fun to drive. I'll reserve judgement for the new one until I see one up close, and hopefully some rich guy will roll up to my valet station in one, and I'll get some hands on. I like looking at them, but I'd probably never own one. I like being able to work on my cars, and not have to worry about stuff breaking that normally shouldn't. Like the door handles, or buttons, or whatever you want to call them.
  18. B1azingPh03nix

    What other games are you playing?

    PC: planetside 2, America's Army proving grounds, company of heroes, star citizen Xbone: fallout 4, Rainbow Six siege, black ops 3, (for the days I just don't care) battlefield 4, GTA V, battlefront, shadow of mordor, perfect dark remaster, FIFA 16
  19. B1azingPh03nix

    Community Achievements Suggestions

    Blackhawk Down - Landed a helicopter deadstick after having the engines disabled, and survived. Hot Mess - Finished an op while injured after being revived. Trigger Happy - Finished an op with no remaining ammo or deployables. Fallen Angel - Landed a plane deadstick after having the engines disabled, and survived. Darwin Award - Died as a result of your own stupidity Jinxed - Crushed by a teammate landing a helicopter Klutz - Fell to your death License Revoked - Total a loaded ground transport during a clan op Aquaman - kill ten enemies while swimming Release the kracken - destroy a boat while swimming Poseidon - stay in water for an entire op Bob Lee Swagger - shoot down a helicopter with a sniper rifle Rocket man - destroy 5 enemy vehicles with rockets in a single op Sapper - destroy 5 enemy vehicles with explosive charges Roadkill - Run over an enemy soldier during a clan op Unconventional Warfare - Completed an objective by finding new uses for your military hardware Deadshot - Score a headshot from 1km away. Dunce - Crash and destroy a loaded transport vehicle during an op. Medic - Revive a teammate during a clan op Field Surgeon - Revive everyone on your team during a clan op
  20. B1azingPh03nix

    GPU Recommendation

    That's interesting, is there any known bottlenecking through the connection cables? I've never seen this done before. But hey, if it works, why not? So, I'm assuming you'd be using integrated graphics when you're on the go? Cuz that thing looks bulky AF, and doesn't seem to be something you'd be able to carry around with you. lol I'd say go for it, as long as the connection cables have enough bandwidth to prevent bottlenecking, I think you'd be good. I'd double check that, because it'd be a shame to not get the full power out of a nice card because the cables aren't fast enough. As for GPUs, anything from the GTX970 or newr will give you a lot more power than your 970m. Hell, I'm running a GTX750 and I get fairly stable framerates on ARMA 3. I'd probably get the new 1070 just for the sake of futureproof... but it's up to you how much you're looking to spend. Because once the 1070 comes out, I'll bet the 900 series will drop in price significantly. So, it's all about what you're willing to spend. If price is no object... there's always the Titan.
  21. Seems like a pretty solid build, but have you considered just upgrading the one you have now? I don't know how compatible your chipset is with everything, but if you hang on to the chipset, chassis, and whatever else you can make use of, it'll save you a lot of money. I'm not familiar with the chipset you've got now, but IMO, it would make sense to save as much as you can. But then again, I'm a cheapskate. That's assuming your chipset is compatible with the gen 4 i7, and the new GPU. In all honesty, I'd wait a day, and pick up the new card. (depending on it's specs of course) It's always better to wait a little bit with computers, because they become obsolete so quickly, you should try everything in your power to "future proof" your rigs as best you can, so you avoid spending money later on. If you wait one day for the new 1070, you could add another year onto your rig's future proof lifespan.
  22. B1azingPh03nix

    GPU Recommendation

    I wanna know how you're gonna cram a desktop GPU into a laptop... My old GTX750 is almost as big as my laptop keyboard, and about as thick as my entire laptop. If you can get it to work, I'd love to see pictures of the setup. One thing about laptop GPUs that not many people realize, is that they have about 60% of the efficiency of their desktop counterpart. So keep that in mind if you're wanting a desktop GPU, (assuming you figure out a way to make it work) so if you're running a gtx970m, if you were to get the gtx970 desktop, you'd be getting around 40% more power out of it. So you don't necessarily need to upgrade to a beast to get a lot of gaming power. That's why laptop gaming still isn't as popular... it costs a lot more to get a rig that'll perform to the standard of a desktop... for example, a laptop that costs around 1200 dollars would probably have the power of an 800 dollar desktop. Also, I'm not sure how compatible the drivers between the M series GPUs and the standard GPUs. It would make sense that they'd be the same, but it's very likely Nvidia has different drivers for the laptop variants of their GPUs, so keep that in mind as well. Above all, do a fetch ton of research before you fork out the cash for your parts... make 100% sure it's even possible to install a desktop GPU. (even then, jerry rigging it is going to be a pain in the ass, and it's most likely going to look ugly. In all honesty, I'd stick with the M series GPUs, rather than risk wasting money on a desktop GPU that won't work. But that's just me Good luck buddy,
  23. B1azingPh03nix

    Greetings and Salutations

    Well, to start off, my name is Jake, but I also accept Ph03nix, B1azingPh03nix, Spray'n Pray, and pretty much whatever the hell else you want to call me. I'm from Utah, around Salt Lake City, and I love it. As I'm sure y'all have gathered, I'm a gamer, and I'll play pretty much any game that catches my fancy, though lately I've been hooked on ARMA 3 and planetside 2 on my PC, and Rainbow Six: Siege and Fallout 4 on my Xbone. I'm 24 years old, and I like to think of myself as a fairly open minded person, and I'm generally always down to try new things. (except for drugs, aint nobody got time for that) Outside of gaming (which has been kinda my thing since real life kicked my social life in the balls, and limited it to work, and wedding planning) I am also a gun aficionado, and am always working on building my ever growing collection, and I love going hunting and competitive shooting with them. I'm also a longboarder, a skier, connoisseur of fine sodas, cardigan enthusiast, and a borderline hipster. I'm also getting married in June, so that's gonna be dope, and I'm also going to school for software engineering, so if I disappear this fall... I'm most likely swamped between work, school, and the wife. I spent a lot of time living in the south, and have since been adopted as a bonafide southerner, so I have adopted some Virginian and Kentuckian mannerisms, and southern hospitality. #thesouthshallriseagain If there's anything else y'all want to know about me, ask away, if any of y'all ever want to do pub matches, or play another game, when we're not doing clan events, let me know. I'm usually on around 2-3 pm mountain time Monday through Friday, and sporadically on weekends, depending on my plans. Hit me up on Steam, my tag is B1azingPh03nix, if any of y'all see me online, and want to play. See y'all around fellas, good hunting.

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