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  1. MISSION BRIEFING 5/26/2018 9pm CST BACKGROUND INFORMATION Syndikate forces driven from Tanoa have decided to take residence in Isla Duala and have begun a massive piracy operation in the area. Alongside this growing problem a Boko Haram cell is also operating in the area, attacking NATO FOB's, kidnapping locals, extorting business's and general terrorist activity. This has created a refugee problem since people have lost their homes and possesions. IDAP has stepped in to take care of these and setup a camp east of Kinsella in the south. They also have problems with raids. Supplies have been stolen IDAP workers injured and property damaged. However NATO has offered little support so we may be called upon to offer assistance. Finally RACS, the formal Army of Saharani has been conducting massive military drills in the waters to North. Obviously the Dualan government is concerned of an impending attack. The two nations have come to blows over sovereignty of the island many times and RACS has recently received a major budget increase as well as the defacto president of Saharani being ousted in a coup. Due to this NATO sent in a peacekeeping force consisting of Hellenic Mechanized Infantry and UK/US advisory staff to assist in keeping the area stable and deter RACS from launching any sort of offensive on the small island nation. It is by no means a fully fledged fighting force as they are operating under Dualan command. The are operating out of Fort Boko to the East of Bolabongo. Needless to say tensions are running high. Be aware of your surroundings, keep the current status quo, and DO NOT INVOLVE YOURSELF IN ONGOING CONFLICTS. MISSION & EXECUTION Anti Piracy and COIN operations in Isla Duala. Support NATO forces. Time: AS PER Objectives: Establish communications with NATO forces in the area. Gather Intel on pirate and Boko Haram activity. Investigate as necessary. React to reports of pirate activity with all speed. Assist injured civilians as needed. Primary - Drive Boko Haram from the region and crush the pirate activity completely. Assist NATO troops as necessary. Secondary - Gather Intel and interrogate any captured high ranking pirates or Boko Haram members. Tertiary - Render aid to IDAP personnel and refugees as necessary. Rules Of Engagement: RFO (RETURN FIRE ONLY. Threat Level: AMBER (CAUTION). Insertion: As per contract/callout. Respawn: 15 Seconds - No teleport, pick up and drop off by helo. Extraction: As per contract/callout. Uniform: Terrain appropriate/lightweight. Equipment: Requirements: 1x Dedicated transport pilot for re spawns & rapid insertions/extractions. Medics, Engineers are necessary for treating injured and clearing remnant minefields. RISKS - CONCERNS - NOTES Assets: 1x Marshall LAV (SPARTAC), 4x MRAP (SPARTAC), 2x RHIB (NATO LOAN), 1x MK-V SOV (NATO LOAN), 1x MH-6 (SPARTAC), Man portable fire support weapons (Mortars, HMG's etc.) Weather Report: Clear Skies, Visibility - 3km, Tide strength - Moderate. Additional Information: Preemptive strikes are difficult given the nature and speed of the operations required. Interdiction's of vehicles and waterborne craft, interrogations are permitted as per IHL. Role Play Requirements: As needed. Additional Intel: Civilians are present in all major and some smaller towns, PID is essential. We do not want an international incident. We are operating out of an abandoned military FOB SE of Forteza, named FOB Xiphos.
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    Operation Holy Rover

    Also small team lead but no overall
  3. MISSION BRIEFING 05/06/2018 8pm CST (WE ARE WHEELS UP @ 8) 05/05/2018 BACKGROUND INFORMATION After repeated operational failures, we've been forced to take up a less than desirable contract. The government of Gunkizli has reputation for being corrupt and the army ineffectual, however, they pay cash in U.S. currency. The region is in the throws of an Islamist lead insurgency, with Boko Haram pledging allegiance to ISIS and the black flag of jihad. We're being brought in to take back the initiative and turn the tide of the conflict. The reputation of ineptitude preceding the Army, it's best to consider ourselves alone out here. That means full self sufficiency and establishing positive relations with the civilians in the area, who have been ill treated by both sides of this conflict. While in country do not go off base unless it is enforce. We are outnumbered and out gunned. Good hunting. SIT REP: A friendly helo was downed yesterday but fortunately the pilot was successfully extracted. We will reciprocate this action with immediate and aggressive violence. MISSION & EXECUTION Insert by vehicle to suspected enemy camps and lay waste to any and all equipment and personnel within. Time: 10:00 Objectives: Primary -Locate enemy encampments Secondary - Destroy any assets Tertiary - N/A Rules Of Engagement: Team Lead's discretion Threat Level: RED (HIGH) Insertion: Vicks Respawn: ZEUS DISCRETION Uniform: Terrain appropriate camouflage Equipment: TEAM LEAD'S DISCRETION, Recommend common weapon type for Rifle/GL Requirements: ROLES NEEDED: Demolitions,LMG, DMR ELEMENT AND FIRETEAM LEADS. STANDARD FIRETEAMS (RIFLEMEN/DMR, GL, LMG, MEDIC) USING THE FAL MAKES YOU 100X COOLER THAN OTHER RIFLES RISKS - CONCERNS - NOTES Assets: REDACTED Weather Report: UNKNOWN Additional Information: PLEASE STATE YOUR PREFERRED ROLE BELOW (ELEMENT LEAD AND FIRETEAM LEADERS ESPECIALLY) Role Play Requirements: 0 Additional Intel: N/A
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    Operation Shield Wall

  5. Farsight


    MISSION BRIEFING 4/21/2018 9pm CST (WE ARE WHEELS UP @ 9) 14/04/2018 BACKGROUND INFORMATION Orientation will take place on Malden. This weekend will be a focus on interoperability and coordination. Kit will be provided as needed. MORE INFO WILL BE ADDED LATER SIT REP: N/A MISSION & EXECUTION N/A Time: 07:00 Objectives: Primary - N/A Secondary - N/A Tertiary - N/A Rules Of Engagement: N/A Threat Level: N/A Insertion: N/A Respawn: ZEUS DISCRETION Uniform: SPARTAC standard issue Equipment: As needed. not required. Requirements: N/A RISKS - CONCERNS - NOTES Assets: REDACTED Weather Report: N/A Additional Information: N/A Role Play Requirements: N/A Additional Intel: N/A
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    Operation Morning Star

    I don't think I'll make this one
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    sitrep Into the Breach

    SITREP 16/3/2018 New changes are coming in the next few weeks. Some of them are experimental, others will be permanent. These changes we hope will bring more organisation to our operations. There will be some growing pains but they will be negligible at best. First off we will be adopting a 4 man team approach to operations. Team leaders will be predetermined in the mission briefings. This means that we either predefine who you are with, or you choose. This is experimental in the organisation stages but will become permanent eventually. Secondly Community Operations will be held EVERY WEDNESDAY. Hauer will be creating templates for these so if you have any ideas forward them to him. These will vary from PVE to PVP and everything in between. We hope these will become a great addition to our already excellent operations. Orientation has been a mainstay of SPARTAC since the beginning but it has dropped off the radar in recent weeks. It is a non compulsory introduction to the mods, how to get setup, how we "operate" and various other things. Everything is explained by people who are experienced enough to know it all offhand so the advice you're getting is sound. These are making a regular return to our rotation hopefully every 3-4 weeks. Recruiting will be ramped up in an effort to expand our roster with even more excellent and admirable people such as yourselves. If you want to help, please do, but remember to follow the rules of wherever you post, whether it be Reddit, steam, some other place. When you post for us you represent us, make it a good impression. Being more organised is something we've been trying to do for a while and now we are actively making more of an effort to do so. This means that briefings should be up way in advance of an operation so you can pick which team you want to be in. Steam events for the steam group (http://steamcommunity.com/groups/spartacgroup) will be consistently going up so you can see what is happening and when so you never miss a thing, as well as some behind the scenes boring stuff I don't do ;). The next few weeks will a little trying but all we ask for (again) is your patience with us. PSA :- If you don't read this, it's your own fault for not spending 5 minutes to move your eyeballs. Stop being lazy and read ;).
  8. MISSION BRIEFING 20180304 8pm CST BACKGROUND INFORMATION A government project code named Project UCAW (Unmanned Combined Arms Warfare). They develop, design and test unmanned vehicles on the Tanoan archipelago since the ceasefire came into effect and the rebels agreed to a stand down. Recently one their own projects went rogue and decided to sever it's own connection to a satellite up link monitoring it's progress in an exercise developed to assess it's off road capabilities. At this time its position is unknown but marked in a general area. Get in there, search for it, and bring it back. Gendarme forces have cordoned off a 2x2km square area and setup checkpoints on major roads. SITREP: Recover rogue drone HOSTILE: NONE FRIENDLY: Gendarme UCAW MISSION & EXECUTION A government funded project, designated Project UCAW (Unmanned Combined Arms Warfare) has gone rogue and they are unable to reclaim an experimental drone. The drone is a 6 wheeled light transport vehicle carrying a weapon payload of a .50 and 40mm GMG. The AI is sophisticated enough to decision make and assess threats on it's own and take appropriate action. It is not deemed a threat however it can and will engage you if it deems you a viable threat. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS THE DRONE TO BE DESTROYED. Disable only. Time: 09:30 Objectives: Primary - Recover rogue drone Rules Of Engagement: 100% PID Threat Level: AMBER Insertion: Helicopters Respawn: Immediate Extraction: Helicopters Uniform: Anything goes, except power rangers Equipment: Team/Squad discretion. Always bring Zip-Ties. Requirements: Drone operator RISKS - CONCERNS - NOTES Assets: Littlebirds Weather Report: Rain Additional Information: n/a Role Play Requirements: 1 Additional Intel: N/A
  9. MISSION BRIEFING 1/20/2018 9pm CST BACKGROUND INFORMATION Welcome to Dariyah, gentlemen. After a few of the wrong people got killed in Iraq we're taking some lower profile work. We've been contracted to scout a supply route through the wastes. The region is mostly desolate with few inhabitants. Be advised that any loss of our equipment could endanger our ability to complete the contract, as resupply will be virtually impossible. To minimize any loss of life and equipment we will be conducting this campaign in incremental steps. Planning prior to execution will be critical to our success. Our helicopter after helping repel an assault on NATO F.O.B. was taken out of the air by an insurgent RPG. The ranking NATO officer in the field came thank us for saving his men and offer his respects to our fallen. While visiting he informed us of several developing situations in the region. As you may have noticed the civilian population is highly armed and combative. We have been advised to steer clear of those areas. Making in roads on any diplomatic front will be near impossible. Leadership in the clans and towns changes near daily due to internecine tribal warfare. The NATO commander has also offered limited logistical support while we continue with our mission. In addition he has promised an armored escort when we are ready to complete the contract. MISSION & EXECUTION This will be two team mission. Team one will move to a nearby oil pipeline and provide security for it, this is in retaliation of recent attacks in nearby villages. Team two will be escorting a visiting dignitary to various locations. If team two comes under heavy contact they are to escort the dignitary to team ones location and await extraction. Under no circumstances are any civilians to be engaged unless they pose a DIRECT THREAT TO YOU OR OTHERS. Time: 13:00 Objectives: Primary -Maintain security of pipeline/Keep dignitary alive Secondary - None Tertiary - None Rules Of Engagement: RFO - Return fire only, unless under imminent threat. Threat Level: AMBER (CAUTION) Insertion: Vehicles Respawn: ZEUS DISCRETION Uniform: Terrain appropriate camouflage Equipment: TEAM LEAD'S DISCRETION Requirements: RTO per squad or fireteam (turnout dictates) . Standard fireteams (Medic/Rifleman, GL, LMG, DMR) 1x Element Lead 2x Fireteam Lead RISKS - CONCERNS - NOTES Assets: REDACTED Weather Report: UNKNOWN Additional Info: Role Play Requirements: 1 Additional Intel: THERE ARE VARIOUS ARMED GROUPS IN THE REGION AVOID UNNECESSARY CONFLICT
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    sitrep SERVER STATUS

    Due to ongoing problems the server will be down until we can rebuild it from the ground up. This is unfortunate, however it should give us the time we need to fix any and all issues. I hope you can be patient with us while we fix this issue.
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    Operation Hello Operator

    @sparkstable more than likely, try to bring at least 4.
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    sitrep The Future

    SPARTAN TACTICAL Est 25/3/2016 So rolls over another year for SPARTAC. This year like any other has not been easy for us, however it's the dedication, optimism and spirit of you, our members which keeps us alive. Your continued drive to see us improve and grow in all aspects is what allows us to continue to be the fantastic group of individuals we are and shall continue to be. The strength of this group has and forever shall be our greatest force in driving us into the future. Your patience and understanding with us is deeply appreciated. Here's to another year filled with incredible memories and adventures with such people as yourselves. Happy New year from all the Command Staff here at SPARTAC.

Spartan Tactical Group

The Spartan Tactical Group was organized in early 2016 to create a community for like-minded gamers. With a focus on teamwork, tactics and communication the group provides an experience lacking from many modern military shooters of today. Understanding the importance of brotherhood before victory, Spartan Tactical strives for a relaxed and light-hearted approach to not only the game, but our community as well. Hailing from all different backgrounds and walks of life, our membership is valued and our friends respected.

No matter the challenge, Spartans stand ready to answer the call.

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