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[LD] Operation Last Goodbye

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Ok guys that was one hell of a message that was being sent. During our Mission we found out that Some of the drug cartel members are meeting with the police officers to give them a Gift for helping them with the Mass Shooting. We are gonna go in take them out And Destroy the gift.


  Hello Gentlemen. Welcome to Leskovets(or Altis) . We have been Hired on by the U.S. Government to go into Leskovets (or altis)and Help out some of the Locals with some Problems that they have been having. From what we know their is a big Drug Cartel Gang here that has been causing Havoc here. The Police force is to underfunded to be able to deal with them so it will be our job to deal with them.


Here are some Keynotes.

1.The Drug Cartel have Scared a bunch of the Locals into Hiding. So some of them may not be so willing to talk.

2.If you come across any drugs of anysort DO NOT TOUCH as these drugs will mess you up mentally and Physically.

3.Be Prepared to Scare the living shit out of our enemies.



                                                                           MISSION & EXECUTION

Time: Day
: Kill officers, Destroy Gift

ROE(Rules Of Engagement): Yellow
Main body: 2-3 Mixed Weapons team
Intercept Team: 
Recon: Possible
Insertion: Truck/Heli
Extraction: Truck/Heli

Uniform for use in Theater: M81
Recommended Equipment: 5.56 and Above
Required Roles:  

                                                                               COMMUNICATION CHANNELS

Command: 121 short range  33 long range

ARES  - (MAIN BODY) -121.1


APOLLO - (CAS) - 50 long range

HERMES - (RECON) - 121.3 team 121 for relaying info. 33 Long range (when applicable)



Alpha Team Lead:  ArchAngel
Alpha Team Medic: 

Bravo Team Lead: 
Bravo Team Medic:


Radio Operator:

Air Support/Transport:

Zeus (Command Only): 

                                                                            RISKS - CONCERNS - NOTES

Expected enemy strength: Medium Infantry suspect Armed Trucks
Anti-air concerns: N/A
Weather Report: N/A
Additional Information:

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