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Qualification course

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This Friday will be the first of many to come qualification courses. You will need these qualifications to participate in special roles during ops. 

Now we will go over some specialized roles within SPARTAC. Please note most of these are first come first serve, although we may rotate this every now and then to give everyone a fair chance.


  • Recon/Sniper/Spotter = Relays information is real-time back to coordinators, as well as engaging high value targets and slowing the enemy.

  • Drone Operator = Utilizes unmanned assets during operations, whether it be scouting ahead for Intel, dropping off supplies or engaging the enemy.

  • Special weapons operator = Utilising machine guns, AT/AA, and static weapons, they provide devastating firepower to the front.

  • Radio Operator = Provides information to and from both squads and coordinators and vice versa, also responsible for calling in CAS and extractions.

  • Heavy Vehicle Operator = From infantry fighting vehicles to tanks, large trucks and so on, they bring heavy firepower and large logistical support to the front lines.

  • Pilot = Operating both fixed wing and rotor assets, they are tasked with insert and extract duty, as well as engaging other air assets and heavily armored targets.

I will be teaching Special Weapons and Drone Operator, if any other officers want to teach anything feel free to edit this post acordingly, this is for Friday at 9:00 pm.

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Do we have to say what we want and then qualify for it? Or if you know we can do it, do we just say what we want? @Farsight @LRRRtheDestroyer 

I would like to qualify for everything that is up there (especially Piloting) if we have to say something here.

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