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[LD] Operation Last Chance

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 Guys we are brand New To Malden We are gonna be Operating here on Malden Helping out in any way we can. We dont know many things that are going on here on Malden. So we are just gonna do what ever we can do to help out where we are needed.


Ok guys after another Mission failure. Nato has not been happy with Us. I have met with a Nato officer this week and did everything I could to try and talk him into giving us one last chance. Luckily we got one last Operation from Nato. Here is the mission. Nato has sent one of their people to go undercover through the ISAS forces. He has done many things that he didnt wanna do. He has even been in firefights against Nato. We are now going to get him out. We are going to a Town where he is meeting with the Son of the Leader of ISAS. We are going in to cause a distraction. While we are killing ISAS forces the Undercover Nato Solider is going to Kill the Son and we are gonna have to Clear the town of ISAS forces.

WE DO NOT KILL THE NATO SOLIDER. He will be wearing a hat that all the ISAS forces do not wear


Time: Day
:Clear Town of ISAS forces

ROE(Rules Of Engagement): Yellow
Main body: 2-3 Mixed Weapons team
Intercept Team: 
Recon: Possible
Insertion: Truck/Heli
Extraction: Truck/Heli

Uniform for use in Theater: Tryks Uniforms
Recommended Equipment: 5.56 and Above
Required Roles: RolePlayer

                                                                               COMMUNICATION CHANNELS

Command: 121 short range  33 long range

ARES  - (MAIN BODY) -121.1


APOLLO - (CAS) - 50 long range

HERMES - (RECON) - 121.3 team 121 for relaying info. 33 Long range (when applicable)



Alpha Team Lead:  Possible ArchAngel
Alpha Team Medic: 

Bravo Team Lead: 
Bravo Team Medic:


Radio Operator:

Air Support/Transport:

Zeus (Command Only): 

                                                                            RISKS - CONCERNS - NOTES

Expected enemy strength: Medium to high
Anti-air concerns: None
Support: None
Weather Report
Additional Information:

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