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New Bravo Mission - Chernarus Long Range Patrol ALIVE (Beta)

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Long Range Patrol ALIVE BETA 1.0  1.1 1.2 2.0



I've created a new mission for folks wanting something a little different, it can be played on the Bravo Server.


Alive Occupation


AAF Has taken over Chernarus, clear sectors!

Enemy AI is set to Regular (They are Veteran on Liberation)

ACE Medical is basic

Stamina is ON -Pack light, but stuff your vehicle full of supplies!! Medical, Engineer, AT, MG, AT, Explosives, more AT

Laser Designator allows use of the ALIVE Tablet - Mission Generation. I will train people up on how to use this.

Enemy spawns are random, and include armor, mech, motor aircraft and SF Stay extremely frosty outside the wire

Make Sure to group up, you can (in theory) respawn on your squad instead of back at base


Full selection of NATO vehicles to choose from, will respawn on destruction:




Please Post feedback and requests in this thread, I will document and work on them

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Beta 2.0 Changelog:

  • Players can now request Ammo crates, weapon crates, and vehicles dropped on their position anywhere on the map including SMA, TF47 etc crates and ammo
  • Players can request AI helicopter transport from anywhere on the map, to anywhere on the map
  • Players can request Artillery Fire Missions
  • Halo Jump available at the flagpoles by the spawn
  • Players can request helicopter gunships / CAS
  • enemies no longer spawn on the airfield
  • BLUFOR AI now guards the airfield
  • Enemy now has Air Units
  • Invincible AI has been fixed
  • MRAPs, Prowlers, and APCs now have nothing in inventory making loading from the arsenal easier
  • BLUFOR AI Commander will issue side missions randomly
  • All towns on the map available to capture have been set to IND owner initially instead of unclaimed - This makes the capture function work better with Enemy AI Commander


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