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There are several trails in the mountain passes that we need observed overnight. We suspect that they are being used as smuggling routes. Topside has asked us to check it out before we leave country. Due to a mistake in logistics all but four of our NVG's are headed to Iraq. 


In 3-4 man teams use available transport to reach the Observation points marked. Dig in for the night. Simple. With our NVG's in short supply we are going to need one set on site. We will be setting up a mortar inside LP Norseman to provide illumination flares and additional support.  


OP SITE: 1 Senior Spartan equipped with NVG (LMG OR DM)

                    1 Long Range equipped as Rifleman

                    1 GL  with in loadout FLARES


                     1 ELEMENT LEAD equipped with LR 

                     1 SPARTAN ON MORTARS


The theme here is subsistence, as such a lengthy briefing would not be fitting. Doing a night OP with less than optimal gear. Using the mortarmen to illuminate the surrounding area.  I encourage you to consider that when selecting what goes into your kit. 

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Well shit. This sounds like a cool ass mission. Too bad I won’t be there for it, so somebody better record it! Preferably from a Zeus perspective. ;)

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