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Operation Nightshade (Community Ops)

Mission Date:  12/19/2017 at 8PM CST

Mission Map:  Chernarus

Mission Type:  Team vs Team

Mission Briefing:

Welcome to Chernarus.  At approximately 1700 local time, BLUFOR Command began receiving reports of a friendly RAH-99 being shot down near Devil’s Castle by OPFOR. 


Satellite images suggest that the pilots are still alive but have been captured and held as prisoners at the castle. 



BLUFOR Command has put together a rescue mission to go in and retrieve the downed pilots, remove the enemy threat, and destroy their weapons cache so that they cannot shoot down any more friendly assets.  This will be a night op, so NVGs are required and provided.

Number of player slots available:  32 (16 vs 16)

Players needed for RP:  None

Additional Information/Rules:

Mission features a 10-minute mission planning period at the start of the mission.  This will give teams enough time to devise attack/defense plans and communications procedures.  Teams will need to decide who will act as Team Leader and are to stay within their designated areas prior to mission start.  Also, OPFOR is NOT to ride the captured pilots around the op area to prevent them from being captured by BLUFOR as this provides somewhat of an unfair advantage.

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Tonight's Community Ops Mission canceled to due to no turnout!!! 

Next mission will be scheduled at a later date.  Until then, see you around the servers!

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I'm really sorry.

A) I thought with Mike being away for the day that mission would have to be moved back.

B) Forgot what day it was once on the computer.

C) Lost track of time while hunting cans.

I'm looking forward to running this someday soon. I think it's a sweet scenario



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