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Spartac Server Update

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Firstly, I want to apologize about the ongoing server and performance issues we have been facing.  I am just as frustrated as I'm sure you all are. This botched migration our host decided to do right before the weekend was really the last straw for me. Additionally, we have reached a point where we have outgrown the capability of virtualized game servers provided by game server providers.

What's the difference? Virtual servers like the one we are using are cloud based. A big pool of shared resources, say for example, 1,000 CPUs and 1TB of RAM with A storage network measured in Petabytes will collectively host 2,000 Game servers. The system architecture assigns resources to each virtual instance as needed (WITH RESOURCE CAPS!) to manage all 2,000 game servers. This is offered cheap, because distributed resources can be resold over and over and over.

Running a true dedicated server is 1 computer, 1 user. The added benefit here is we can still run multiple arma 'servers' off of the new single dedicated unit. We will also be able to run headless clients on the same machine to maximize the CPU capability.

I have just placed an order for this dedicated machine:

Intel Xeon E3-1270v5

4 Cores x 3.6-4.0Ghz w/ HT CPU


240 GB SSD

The above machine will be ours, no other servers, services or users will use this machine. That, I hope will cure the lag, desync and otherwise god awful issues we have been seeing the last month or so.


Now, there are 1000s of companies offering dedicated machines. Performance and uptime vary wildly between these companies. We shall see how this particular provider goes. If it still isn't up to par, I have a couple fairly priced backups we can try. 

Pricing ranges from about $100 to $360 a month based on hardware needed to run Arma. The price from this provider is about $150/month, about triple what we pay now. Soon I will setup a way to donate to the server costs. These donations will ONLY be used to cover the server costs, and whatever isn't covered by donations, I will cover myself.


Stay Tuned for new IPs.


To kick start the coffers for the server costs, I'm going to do a raffle for a couple copies of tanks DLC. 1 entry for every $5 donated, 3 copies up for grabs!


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