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SNAPOP Rogue element

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20180304 8pm CST




A government project code named Project UCAW (Unmanned Combined Arms Warfare). They develop, design and test unmanned vehicles on the Tanoan archipelago since the ceasefire came into effect and the rebels agreed to a stand down. Recently one their own projects went rogue and decided to sever it's own connection to a satellite up link monitoring it's progress in an exercise developed to assess it's off road capabilities. At this time its position is unknown but marked in a general area. Get in there, search for it, and bring it back. Gendarme forces have cordoned off a 2x2km square area and setup checkpoints on major roads.

SITREP: Recover rogue drone

             HOSTILE: NONE             FRIENDLY: Gendarme





A government funded project, designated Project UCAW (Unmanned Combined Arms Warfare) has gone rogue and they are unable to reclaim an experimental drone. The drone is a 6 wheeled light transport vehicle carrying a weapon payload of a .50 and 40mm GMG. The AI is sophisticated enough to decision make and assess threats on it's own and take appropriate action. It is not deemed a threat however it can and will engage you if it deems you a viable threat. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS THE DRONE TO BE DESTROYED. Disable only.

Time: 09:30


  • Primary - Recover rogue drone


Rules Of Engagement: 100% PID

Threat Level: AMBER


Insertion: Helicopters

Respawn: Immediate

Extraction: Helicopters

Uniform: Anything goes, except power rangers

Equipment: Team/Squad discretion. Always bring Zip-Ties. 

Requirements: Drone operator




Assets: Littlebirds

Weather Report: Rain

Additional Information: n/a

Role Play Requirements: 1

Additional Intel: N/A

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