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Op Timis Preem

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2100 EST

1800 PST




In the recently failed state of [Country] government forces have fallen apart, leaving local thugs and warlord free to impose their will locally. In the struggle for survival, underlined by a disdain (if not down right animosity) for former colonial powers, local "militias" have taken to hostage taking in order to gain ransom money. This has not deterred multiple organisations from sending in unprotected workers/missionaries to the area in an attempt to help. Local militias have scavenged assorted small arms and re purposed pick up trucks as technicals. Local militias are poorly trained and often under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Another militia garrison might respond to assist. 

Volunteers from [Organisation] have been taken hostages and have been moved into the top floor of a former government building near [Region] now used as as a local HQ and barrack. The hostages are expected to be kept on the top floor, as lower floors are being used as barracks. [Organisation] has offered a sizable prize for the safe return of their volunteer. 


Spartac is tasked with rescuing all hostages in the building at [Grid] as soon as possible.

Time: Night



  • Primary: Rescue Hostages

  • Secondary: Recover any intel

  • Tertiary: Inflict MAXIMUM casualties upon local militias


Rules Of Engagement: FTE anyone armed or displaying hostile intent

Threat Level: RED (DANGER).


Insertion: Assault team at the TLs discretion, recommend roof top helicopter.

                  Cordon: at TLs discretion, recommend ground vehicle.

                  Overwatch by ground vehicle and walk.

Respawn: Unlimited

Extraction: Helicopter. Expect hot extract.

Uniform:  TLs discretion. 

Equipment: Assault: Light and fast.

                     Overwatch: Terrain appropriate. Lots of ammo.

                     Cordon/Ambush: Terrain appropriate. Heavy. 

Requirements: NVGs, Earplugs, flex cuffs.




Assets:  Little Bird, Chinook, Wheeled veh.

Weather Report: Night time. No moon. Clear sky.

Additional Information: There are other associated militias in the are, which might provide assistance to the local warlord.

Role Play Requirements:  If you die, you must talk like a pirate when respawned.

Additional Intel: At briefing.

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Get to town, locate hostages, kill bad guys, extract hostages.  Heli and wheels available at TL discretion.

Got it.

Sounds nice a bloody.

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Timis Preem apparently means "Vacuum Cleaner" in Pashtu. Now just say "Op Timis Preem" ou tloud.

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