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Mission Ideas

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I have made a Forum like this one before but, I Decided to make another one so people can throw out some mission Ideas that we can Use for Saturday and Sunday ops

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-VIP escort. Meeting in town, must defend against possible attack. Mission complete when VIP back in camp/secure area. Team can decide on transportation mode: ground/air/water. PACE plan accordingly. (I think this was already suggested back in June?)

-Defend outpost. Starship Trooper style? Maybe after an airdrop? Call in some indirect fire?



-Infiltrate and assault outpost. 

-SWCC water extraction (Zengiant's idea) (Probably a nice way to wrap up a mission)

-Assault town/ Direct Action on a building. With sniper/spotter team overwatch and/or CAS (AC-130ish Blackfish?)

-Air Assault on an industrial building. Recover something. Extract. (SWCC?)

-Presence patrol turns to shit. 

-Ambush on convoy/convoys. QRF responds. Team leads given convoy route, must decide best ambush location. QRF responds from unexpected direction, team must re-org/re-align (or die).

-Secure crashed helicopter. Bad location. Wait for extraction. Farsight comes in to a hot LZ, saving the day.

-QRF/answer distress call. Kind of like an audible. Everyone arrives thinking we are going to do X, but while people are prepping something happens and we must move NOW. Or might be a good back pocket mission when we finish another one early. You have to respond before you have a chance to re-arm/re-adjust. Maybe a blown up convoy (mine, or RPG) have to fix truck and get back to camp.

-Infantry vs tank in city. One squad has to distract the tank while another one tries to disable with a satchel charge(?)

-Airfield assault. Crew must paradrop near airfield. Disable AA defenses and site security, so transport plane can land. Extract.

-Try and infil undetected/without alerting the area. Blow up target. Exfil. The more noise you make, the worst the response is.

-"Lets do the whole fucking village". Small/medium size town. Everyone gets their favourite vehicle. Blow up the town until the server crashes. Many enemies.




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I'd like to do a mission in Tanoa near the river in Georgetown, during a massive rebel offensive

Insert on boats. Half the team move West and either link up with Spartac elements that were cut off. The other team hold the bridges and prevents the rebel assault from crossing from the East. 

If the mission takes too long mortars. Possible side objective of taking down an AA emplacement or Stinger teams located somewhere in Georgetown to allow air support or possible extract.  *Either way we leave while under fire and not in control of the situation*


Or whole campaign designed around us trying to get the supplies together to escape an AO after everything went pear shaped. 

Anything involving a tactical withdrawal gives a chub

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I have been outlining a bit of a story for a campaign I'd like to run in Arma one day.

Without spoilers, Spartac is contracted with a large sum of money by Group 13 a top secret group from CTRG that works off the Nimitz and has a network of informants all over the world. Recently they picked up a signal from one of their agents in Chenarus (Map Pending)  stating that a meeting between a rebel leader and an unknown contact is going down. Spartac's job is to infiltrate the meeting and find out what they are up to. Group 13 has given Spartac a Darter and a Falcon to help with the infiltration. 

That is just the first mission in a three mission campaign that will take Spartac to multiple maps and environments as well as being faced with different challenges and levels of warfare. 


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