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Radio, Command & Squad Roles

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In conjunction with the above post (read it or I will murder you), and our restructure, some roles during our Saturday Ops will be formalized. In addition, radio communications will be standardized.

See Diagram Below:

squad comms.JPG

The squad leader, and squad RTO will reside on the command channel 121, and their respective squad channel

RTO will relay squad information to the mission commander, and relay mission commander information to the squad

Squad relays to squad leader  / RTO

The goal of this structure is to reduce the amount of radio time for the squad leader, allowing him to focus on the mission. Mission Status will be relayed to mission commander by the RTO. 

Going forward, Squad leaders will be selected based on ability, rank and standing within the group. Squad RTOs will be open to members who would like to learn the ins and outs of leading squads, with the ultimate goal of being squad lead themselves. Squad leaders have the ability to choose their squad members.

With that said, it will also be encouraged to personalize, specialize and make your squad your own. This includes call signs if you choose. 

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