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New Rule Changes

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As of recently there has been a lot of new member joining Spartac which is great in one respect, but also a bit of a hassle to some. To deal with a large influx on new members the officers of Spartac have decided to lay down some new ground work. The rules stated below are to be followed by all Spartac members including all senior and veteran members. Also the rules are subject to change based on officer agreements.

  1.      Recording and Streaming.

All members are from now on required to let other members know when you will be recording for personal use and or YouTube uploading the same goes for any kind of streaming service you might be using such as twitch. If even one member in the current party you're playing with doesn't want to be recorded or streamed, don't do it. If a member is caught streaming or recording against another members wishes you will be subject Spartac justice.

      2.      Mod List Changes.

 The mod list as of the time of this post is closed to any changes, Any Spartac member that desires a mod list change, be it addition or removal of a mod is to ask me directly. I will confer with the rest of the officers and if you mod request if denied the decision is final.

     3.      Command Structuring.

 As of the time of this post there has been a restructuring of Spartac command. The new command list is as follows.

  • Farsight- Chief Ops Officer.
  • Cyphas- Chief Mission Maker
  • Mike- Chief Team Coordinator
  • Archangel- LD Coordinator
  • Trauma- Personnel Officer
  • McGee- Quartermaster 
  • LRRRtheDestroyer- Liaison Officer 

Any question on the changes stated above should be asked to me, if it is serious enough i will confer with the officers and get back with you ASAP. 

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I wanted to emphasize the intent behind #2 is to limit bugging Cyphas about random things. LET THE MAN SLEEP. My personal rule is that if he isn't on the TS, I don't message him.

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Could you please expand on the roles of the following command positions, so that members know where to direct specific questions/concerns.

  • Trauma- Personal Officer [do you mean 'Personnel'?]
  • Mcgee- Quartermaster 
  • LRRRtheDestroyer- Liaison Officer 

Much appreciated,


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Personnel - Deals with any issues that may affect members or disruptions within the member base.

Quartermaster - Defines what should and shouldn't be necessary for operations as well as answering any questions regarding equipment.

Liaison - First port of call for members with any questions that may be for command.


I hope that answers your question @Colt1689

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