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Thank You Bankshaft

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Operation Blood Hound

Operation Furball

Operation First Aid

Operation Spooky Fox

Operation Hold Out

Operation Kraken

For any of you who have taken part in any of the operations referenced above, you'll surely have fond memories of some great times shared with friends. For nearly two months straight, @J.Bankshaft has dedicated his time to us to ensure that each week we had a well planned mission scenario to look forward to on our Tactical Op nights.

More than just a few enemies thrown down in Zeus, each was carefully crafted with clear objectives, mission background, intelligence briefs and more. And each week, we grew to love them more and more. 

Bankshaft will be entering a new line of work in the next few weeks (after "getting drunk on a beach" somewhere of course) and this new job will require a lot of his time to be dedicated elsewhere. We wish him only the best and thank him for all that he has done to provide hours upon hours of fun for our members. His missions have grown to define a good part of what SPARTAC is and what we do, and we can't thank him enough for it. 

Bankshaft will return in the future, but we hope you'll all join us in wishing him well in his endeavors until then. 

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Fantastic Campaign, loved every mission. 


We also all learned a bunch, and are working much better as a team.

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Amazing times! Operation Holdout has a place in my top 10 video game experiences, ever.

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I've had the privilege of knowing Bankshaft in this unit and our old one. Never have I seen a more talented mission maker. Thank you Joe for so many awesome and amazing times and all the fun and joy you brought to us each week! #WAR CRIME! 

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Can't find the "like" button so I'll just say thanks guys it's been an absolute pleasure bro-ing out with you guys and watching my typical work day fantasies come to life. I'm looking forward to getting on the other side of the scenes again and will let you guys know whats up with the work schedule as soon as I know myself.



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