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looking for a noob friendly unit

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I recently purchased ArmA 3 and, after nearly a decade away from multiplayer gaming I decided I missed it.  My degree from college says Political Science but it should have said that I double majored in Soldier of Fortune 2 and Call of Duty... I was active for about 5 years in a SoF2/CoD/CoD2/W:ET clan in the early 2000s... even ranked up fairly high before I parted ways with them. 

I'm looking for a place where I can play with people who take the game serious, but not themselves.  Your unit description seems to be exactly what I'm looking for... a place where people will play the game right, but without all the obligation, headache, and hard-and-fast time commitment with a dose of "be here every week or get lost."  I'm looking for a place that can show me the ropes (I'm new to the game), provide a regular group of people to play with during the day (I'm a teacher and on summer break... the wife is usually around in the evening and not a fan of me being on TS when she's around), or even late at night over the summer (after she's asleep), and any other time I may have in between.  I like the idea of doing large-scale rpg-ish operations (it appears you have those on Saturday nights)... but because of the wife I may not be able to play at that time regularly (but would love to occasionally).

If you guys think this is the place for me... I'd be thrilled to get to know you guys and start shooting the bad guys together.  Let me know and I'll fill out an app.

Thanks for your time -

sparkstable (it's pronounced like a British policeman... like constable, only sparstable)

PS - While poking around the website I could never quite find a form for the app.  If this works out should I just copy/past from someone else's app?

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